Mineral Wells PSD to issue bonds

MINERAL WELLS – On Monday, the Mineral Wells Public Service District will take the last step in a project to upgrade the sewage system.

Cathy Dyer, office manager, said the meeting will be for the district’s commissioners to act on a resolution to issue revenue bonds not to exceed $1,883,000 to finance costs of improvements and betterments to the sewage system.

The meeting is set for 10 a.m. July 15 at the district’s office at 53 Fox Run Drive, Mineral Wells.

Dyer said the bonds will be sold to finance repairs and parts replacement to the system that was installed in the mid-1980s.

“It’s for equipment repairs and replacement,” she said. “Basically, the system is old and parts of it are worn out. It was installed in 1985.”

According to a release from the district, the project will make improvements to the wastewater treatment plant that will include the full or partial replacement of eight lift stations, the replacement of 45 grinder pumps and the replacement of cores of various grinder pump units.

Plans also call for the installation of a SCADA system.

A SCADA is a pump control system that will turn the pumps on when needed and will replace an older system.

Dyer said the upgrades will keep the treatment plant in compliance with changes in state and federal environmental regulations.

Plans call for construction to begin Aug. 1 with completion slated for the end of the year, Dyer said.