Four killed in Clarksburg shooting

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (AP) – Four people died Friday in a shooting in Clarksburg, officials say, with two identified by the local newspaper as a father and son who were delivering the paper as they had done for decades.

Harrison County Prosecuting Attorney Jack Shaffer said investigators believe a drug deal went wrong around 4:30 a.m. Friday in a neighborhood known for drug activity.

Shaffer would not say if a suspect is in custody, but instead said investigators expect no more activity from the individual responsible and the public is not in danger.

Shaffer also declined to identify any of the victims, but said two had nothing to do with the suspected drug deal.

“They were working in the area at the time and they perform a job in that area at about the same time” Shaffer said.

The Exponent Telegram reports that the bystanders were Fred and Freddy Swiger, a father and son who had contracted to deliver the Clarksburg newspaper for about 30 years.

“They were extremely nice, loyal, and cared very deeply about their customers, said Exponent-Telegram President Brian Jarvis. “Their customers cared very deeply about them from the calls already this morning. They built a connection with people that was unique and special in every regard.”

The scale of the crime is highly unusual for Clarksburg, said Shaffer, a lifelong county resident and its elected prosecutor for 11 years.

“Nobody I know can remember four dead in one event like this,” Shaffer said.