Buzzard retires from Wood County Schools

PARKERSBURG -It’s the only job she’s ever had. And after 48 years with Wood County Schools Sharon Buzzard is stepping away.

“I decided this is the time,” she said.

Buzzard said she was 17 when she started her first – and only – job; working for Wood County Schools. She worked a co-op as a senior at Parkersburg High School and was hired full-time July 1, 1965, to work in the library services. In 1988, she stepped in as executive secretary, working for the superintendent, Bill Staats. She’s remained behind the desk for almost 25 years and four superintendents. Buzzard would have marked 25 years as executive secretary had she stayed until November. Her last official day was June 31, but Buzzard has been substituting and training her replacement.

“I still enjoy working,” she said. “I love it, but I thought it was time to go and start a new chapter in my life.”

Buzzard said she’s been thinking about retiring for a year or so, debating between this year or next. She’s an outdoor person who enjoys gardening.

There’s a plethora of organizations that need volunteers, she said.

Thursday central office officials held a small luncheon for Buzzard to recognize her efforts and work.

Superintendent Pat Law, who served for four years, said Buzzard has been incredibly valuable. Law said Buzzard’s a dedicated employee who showed up every day.

“She stays until the works done,” he said. “I can’t say enough about how much help she has been.”

Former superintendent Dan Curry, who’s working in Delaware, called on her last day of work to wish her well.

Former superintendent Bill Niday said “nobody did what Buzzard did better.”

Niday was among those who attended Thursday’s reception to recognize Buzzard. He had an appreciation for her handling of the public.

“She was best to deal with people who were upset,” he said. “By the time they got to me they were calmed down.

“That’s something I appreciated.”

“She did everything well and treated everybody well.”

Buzzard was asked if she had interesting stories from her years dealing with the public.

“A lot of interesting ones,” she said. “None that are fit for print.”