Body of Roane man discovered in Sand Creek

SILVERTON, W.Va. – The body of a Roane County man who apparently died in an auto accident days ago was discovered Tuesday in his vehicle in Sand Creek near I-77 in Jackson County.

The West Virginia State Police reported the body of Carey Todd Emery, 57, of Reedy was discovered in his partially submerged 2011 GMC Sierra in the creek by two men checking on a nearby fox den.

“The neighbor fortunately had noted a fox den in the past and occasionally went out there to check it out,” said State Trooper J.P. Murphy. “If he hadn’t done that, there’s no telling how long this gentleman would have been in the river.”

Officials are estimating the body had been there for three to five days, Murphy said.

Troopers believe Emery was headed south on I-77. At one point, he apparently went into the median where he traveled 333 feet to the edge of the road before his truck went airborne over a 50 to 60 foot embankment. Officers found Emery’s tire tracks in the median.

“The truck went airborne another 130 feet as it was dropping the 50 to 60 feet,” Murphy said. “It landed nose first on some rocks and flipped end over end and landed in the creek.

”The driver died in the crash.”

Emery was the only occupant in the vehicle.

No one reported seeing the accident happen, Murphy said.

Emery lived alone in Roane County and did not have regular contact with anyone. He had family that lived in another part of the state and no one reported him missing, Murphy added.

Officials are not sure what caused Emery to lose control of his vehicle. His body is being sent to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Charleston for an autopsy.