Second suspect in pantry theft arrested

MARIETTA – A second man has been arrested by authorities in connection with last week’s break-in and robbery of the Gospel Mission Food Pantry in Marietta.

Eric Sciance, 18, of Marietta, was arrested Saturday morning on a fifth-degree felony charge of complicity to breaking and entering, said Sgt. Rod Hupp of the Marietta Police Department. He is scheduled to appear Monday on the charge in Marietta Municipal Court.

On Friday evening, Marietta police arrested Christopher Lent, 26, of Marietta, on the same complicity charge.

Hupp said the investigation is continuing and more arrests and charges are pending in the case.

The Gospel Mission Food Pantry was broken into Wednesday night and thieves stole all of the food in the pantry, along with other items in the building at 309 Lancaster St. The investigation is being conducted by the MPD with assistance from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.