Police: Man steals truck, hits multiple parked cars

PARKERSBURG – A man struck three parked cars after stealing a landscaping truck with a flatbed trailer attached to it Monday afternoon.

Parkersburg police arrested Timothy Brown after a vehicle and foot pursuit began around 2:15 p.m., officials said.

Police said Brown stole the truck and tried to escape through the streets of Parkersburg. After a short vehicle pursuit, which led to Brown crashing into three parked cars and a foot chase near East and Mary streets, police apprehended the man. No one was injured during the pursuit.

Brown was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center for medical clearance before his arraignment on Monday, officials said.

Sgt. J.D. Hart with the Parkersburg Police Department said he tried to pull Brown over when he jackknifed the stolen Dave’s Landscaping LLC truck and began running away. Police caught up with Brown and placed him under arrest. Upon taking him into custody, officers discovered he was wanted for an earlier incident Monday. Police said he allegedly stole several items from the Dollar General on Seventh Street.

He was arraigned Monday in Wood County Magistrate Court on two counts of grand larceny and one charge of petit larceny. He will be charged with misdemeanor counts from the chase after an indictment, police said.

Tela Elliott of Swann Street was standing outside when the landscaping truck sped by – going the wrong way – on Swann Street. Elliott said the truck was traveling about 40-50 mph when it struck her car parked along the road.

“All of the sudden, my car’s gone,” she said.

The truck passenger side struck the passenger side of Elliott’s vehicle, locked into it and shoved it a few hundred feet up the street. Elliott’s vehicle came to rest against a brick house at Grafton and Swann streets.

“I’m chasing him down the street, ‘Stop! You hit my car,'” Elliott said. “I chased him. He stopped for a second.

“He kept going. Kept driving.”

Elliott said as the truck drove out of sight two men came around the corner and up the street, stating their truck had been stolen.

Police said Brown struck a silver SUV and Chevrolet Lumina while fleeing from officers.

The investigation into the stolen vehicle and theft is ongoing, police said. Anyone with information should contact the Parkersburg Police Department at 304-424-8444 or leave an anonymous tip at www.parkersburgpolice.com