Neighborhood to get surveillance cameras

PARKERSBURG – The Julia-Ann Square Historic District Association has approved the installation of a neighborhood video monitoring and recording system.

In addition to the homes already protected by their own surveillance systems, several wireless point, tilt and zoom cameras will be installed throughout the neighborhood with a concentration on the alleys, said association president David T. Chafin.

The system will record around the clock the activity throughout the eight-square-block area, Chafin said in a press release. The system can zoom in on suspicious activity, including vandalism, theft and destruction of private property.

Positioning of the cameras will provide an opportunity, in replay, to determine where the individuals doing the damage originate from, Chafin said. The system was approved at the historic district association’s meeting on May 2.

Residents at the meeting were unanimously in favor of the installation in hopes it will deter and aid in capturing the perpetrators of the escalating crime throughout the historic district, Chafin said.

Homeowners in the district will be able to view what is on the system at any time. Any designated household can report suspicious activity as it is happening to the Neighborhood Watch officials, Chafin said.

Additional signs will be posted to alert those entering the district that surveillance is in use. Increasingly, throughout the country, systems like these are being used to track suspicious activity, Chafin said.

The historic district’s homeowners association hopes this contribution will help law enforcement in its efforts to keep Parkersburg a safe place to live, Chafin said.