Marietta officials approve legislation

MARIETTA – Marietta City Council on Thursday approved the following legislation:

* To approve a change order of $14,931 in the contract with E. Lee Construction Inc. for the Armory Square roof and repair project.

* To appropriate $216,481 from the capital improvement fund to pay for replacement of the city hall roof at 301 Putnam St.

* To advertise for bids for professional engineering services for the comprehensive source water protection project.

* To reduce the number of members on the Mayor’s Alternative Transportation Advisory Board from 11 members to eight.

* To loan $25,437 to the Gutberlet Armory Fund from the city’s capital improvement fund for the Armory Square roof and structural repair project.

* To authorize reimbursement of $25,437 to the capital improvement fund from outside sources to be received on behalf of the armory roof and structural repairs project.