Emerson students hold pep rally for WESTEST

PARKERSBURG – Students at Emerson Elementary School packed the gymnasium Friday afternoon for a WESTEST pep rally.

Nine classrooms from third, fourth and fifth grade (about 175 students) packed the gymnasium to greet special guests Academic Achiever Girl, Captain WESTEST and the Parkersburg High Big Red Indian. Each class also performed a short cheer they designed on their own.

The 30-minute pep rally was held in anticipation of next week’s WESTEST at Emerson Elementary School.

“We have gotten them prepared for the week ahead,” said Principal Penny Coleman. “This is to get them to relax and have fun.”

The West Virginia Educational Standards Test (WESTEST) is a criterion-referenced test measuring students’ knowledge of the West Virginia Content Standards. It is designed to meet No Child Left Behind requirements. Tests are administered in science, social studies, mathematics and reading/language arts in grades 3-11.

The WESTEST starts Monday and extends through Thursday.

Coleman, who’s served as principal for three years said the rally seems to help students, as test scores have been climbing the past few years.

“We’ve had strong scores in reading and writing,” she said. “That’s something we really try to emphasize here.”

Coleman said it’s the third year the school has done the rally.

“It is stressful and the children feel test anxiety,” she said “This is an effort to relax.”