County officials proclaim CEOS Week

PARKERSBURG – Wood County commissioners proclaimed May 19-25 as Community Educational Outreach Service Week to recognize area CEOS clubs for their work and service.

“The clubs’ mission is to provide volunteers to broaden service, provide continuing education and outreach for leadership. The program is made available through the West Virginia University Extension Service,” said Barbara Bargeloh, county CEOS president.

Juanita Skeen said the club members are celebrating by decorating their mailboxes and sponsoring a luncheon to honor and recognize new and returning CEOS members. The group also maintains a flower garden in city park.

There are 133 CEOS members in 10 clubs across the county.

CEOS officials said club members have donated more than 3,000 volunteer hours and raised $3,000, which was donated to help cancer victims who have no insurance or are underinsured receive services and treatment.

Community service projects of the clubs include breast cancer prevention awareness and diabetes workshops to help those with diabetes learn how to cook for themselves to better control their blood sugar levels.

In other business, Monday the commissioners opened two bids for courthouse restoration work.

David Stone & Co., Marietta, submitted a bid of $33,711.47. Stone was the firm that did the new steps on the courthouse. Keystone Waterproof Inc., of Greensburg, Pa., submitted a bid of $35,400. Keystone has done work on the Blennerhassett Hotel and several years ago cleaned and repointed the courthouse.

The county received a $28,400 West Virginia Courthouse Facilities Improvement grant for the project.

The courthouse was completed in 1899 and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The courthouse took nearly two years to complete at a cost of $100,000.

According to county officials, the original porch railings were apparently removed during the 1980s when the restoration was done on the courthouse, all that remains are the end pieces, the corner posts on each side and by the wall.

There are remains of two of three porches. A photo taken at a 1941 war bonds sale held at the front of the courthouse shows people standing on all three of the original porches.

In 2001, the West Virginia Legislature created the courthouse authority to evaluate the needs of the state’s courthouses and estimate potential costs for renovations and repairs. The authority oversees a special revenue account made up of a portion of the fees collected for county services, such as marriage licenses and copying fees for tax maps. Counties can annually apply for the grants. The funding can be used for anything related to courthouses or any other county-owned buildings used for county operations. The maximum grant award is $80,000, and there is a 20 percent required funding local match on each grant.