Tyler County Commission OKs 911 address changes

MIDDLEBOURNE – The final steps of 911 address changes are under way following the March 26 meeting of the Tyler County Commission.

Noting additional clarifications to the road beyond Friendly Hill, the commission approved an updated map to be sent to the West Virginia Department of Highways for sign posting.

“These are roads that are not in municipalities,” said Commissioner Eric Vincent. “These addresses have been in the hands of the U.S. Postal Service since 2008 and we’re still coming up with issues.”

He commended Paul Lemasters, who was in charge of the 911 addresses.

Greg Jadwin, of the Air Evac Life Team, discussed the countywide life-flight coverage he proposed at the last meeting. Under the coverage, any Tyler County resident would not receive a bill for being air-lifted out of the county or any connecting county.

He figured the cost of this plan would range between $6.25 to $6.50 per resident to cover each resident. The plan would extend to those who move into the county in the future.

“The average flight is roughly $25,000,” said Jadwin. “There are very few insurances in this area that actually pay 100 percent.”

The commissioners agreed the plan would benefit the county, but they are holding on a decision to consider the best way to fund it.

“We don’t want to commit to something and then take it away,” said Stender, citing other priorities. “If we commit to it, we want to do it. We’re giving this a lot of consideration.”

Tyler County Prosecutor Luke Furbee informed the commission a judge had appointed condemnation commissioners for assigning value to the Maupin property, which the county is seeking to attain to build an annex adjacent to the courthouse. He said the assessment may deem the property to be more or less than the previously extended offer of $30,000, but an agreed-upon deal may still be reached before an evaluation sets a different price.

The commission approved the value of $30,000 as the offer for the Maupin property, and those who have claim over the property will be consulted with that price.

Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle reported two new dispatchers were selected out of the six they interviewed.

“These are the two best interviewees,” said Kendle, handing the commission lists of qualifications for the two new dispatchers. Upon review, the commission approved the hiring of Ryan Thomas and Ida Morris.

Rather than seeking repairs to the flat roof, which birds reportedly pecked holes in, the Tyler County Senior Center may seek a metal roof instead.