Morrisey issues progress report

CHARLESTON – The attorney general of West Virginia on Wednesday cited the accomplishments in his first 100 days in office.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said 17 goals he set have been met or nearing being met. Morrisey, who released a nearly 280-page report on Wednesday, last year defeated incumbent Democrat Darrell McGraw.

Among the goals and a frequent campaign issue against McGraw was to require settlement funds to be returned to the state general fund, rather than remain under the control of the attorney general.

“The goals of the plan were to advance ethics reforms, promote freedom, begin the process of taking on the federal government and improve the state’s business climate,” Morrisey said. “Much more work remains, but I firmly believe we have honored our promises to the public and have made significant efforts to achieve all of the points of the plan.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, it will take more than 100 days to fundamentally improve our state’s business climate,” Morrisey said. “But at least West Virginians know we will always follow through on our word.”

Among the goals were:

* Eliminate self-promoting trinkets emblazoned with the attorney general’s name or likeness.

* Return settlement to the Legislature.

* End taxpayer-funded campaigns by prohibiting the use of broad-based office advertising for at least six months prior to an election.

* Establish and use competitive bidding procedures for hiring outside counsel.

* Begin an audit of past office expenditures and ensure employees are acting consistent with ethical standards.

* Collaborate with the Legislature to enact ethics reforms

Morrisey also pledged to review Environmental Protection Agency lawsuits by other attorneys general, support the Second Amendment, crack down on Medicaid fraud and prescription drug abuse, evaluate potential ethics violations.

“Obviously some of these issues cannot be completed in 100 days or even four years, but by taking these 17 steps now and continuing to work toward solutions for the remainder of my term, we will be able to see substantive changes in not only the Office of the Attorney General, but the state as a whole,” he said.

The 17-point plan is at