Hornbeck back on home confinement

PARKERSBURG – One of four persons indicted in connection with the robbery of a Liberty Street residence was in Wood County Circuit Court Wednesday for a hearing to revoke his home confinement.

Brian Scott Hornbeck, 22, in custody at the North Central Regional Jail, did not contest the allegation in the petition to revoke his home confinement. According to court records, on Feb. 4, 2013 Hornbeck was not at his residence at a time he was required to be home.

Judge Robert Waters granted a motion to allow Hornbeck to return to home confinement.

Hornbeck was indicted along with Casey Gabriel Hornbeck, 22, Dustin Ray Kinney, 20, and Thomas Michael Leroy Underwood, 18, by a special session of the grand jury on charges of burglary, unlawful entry, conspiracy to commit unlawful entry, grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

A trial for a man indicted on a number of charges ended after a jury could not reach a verdict. After a two-day trial, jurors in the case of Norman Ratliff Jr., 56, in custody at the North Central Regional Jail, could not reach a verdict and Judge J.D. Beane declared a mistrial.

Ratliff was indicted in an 11-count indictment by the January grand jury and was on trial for two counts, second-offense to provide notice of registration changes.

Ratliff’s charges were severed and he will face other trials: one will be on counts of forgery and uttering, another trial will be on two counts of DUI, one count of third-offense driving on a suspended or revoked license for DUI, unlawful taking of a vehicle and possession of a controlled substance, and separate trials for charges of second-degree robbery and a charge of robbery.