Firefighters respond to Ohio Avenue KFC

PARKERSBURG – Firefighters responding to a morning fire Tuesday were able to contain the blaze to the outside of an Ohio Avenue restaurant.

Firefighters had to “ladder” the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Ohio Avenue to reach a roof-mounted heating unit Tuesday morning. Parkersburg fire Lt. Kevin Siers said one of the store’s roof-mounted heating units caught fire.

“It shorted out and caught fire,” he said.

Siers said eight firefighters responded to the fire at 4:30 a.m. when a passerby called to 911 to report flames and smoke on the roof of the restaurant.

“Citizens are a very valuable assistance in the early detection of fires,” he said.

Units “laddered” the building and had the fire out in a matter of minutes.

“We got it stopped and put out before it breached the building,” Siers said. “We were able to keep the smoke and everything outside.”

Siers said the unit was one of several on the roof. He said the fire could have started as a result of wiring failure or the motor locking up.

“There is obviously no way to know,” he said. “All of the wiring burned and the motor burned completely up; burned the belts off. It completely ruined the furnace,”

Siers estimated damage to the unit at about $5,000.