Commission approves drainage bid Tuesday

PARKERSBURG -Wood County commissioners have accepted a bid of $63,500 for a drainage project at the courthouse.

Two bids were opened earlier for the project, one from JC Bosley of Parkersburg for $86,974, the other submitted by L&L Contractors of Burnsville, W.Va., for $63,500.

“The bids were reviewed by county engineer Bill Brown and he recommended L&L,” county administrator Marty Seufer told commissioners Monday.

The job will include not only repair of damaged aged clay pipes inside the courthouse, which have caused numerous leaking problems over the years, but also redirection of the stormwater drainage system to comply with current environmental protection regulations.

Commissioners approved the bid contingent upon L& L providing insurance/performance bond.

County officials said the requirement for the insurance/bond was discussed with prospective bidders at a pre-bid conference, but it was not included in the written requirement for the bid specifications. Officials said Bosley submitted the coverage with their bid package, and L& L will be required to provide it prior to being officially awarded the job.

“We’ve had ongoing problems with water leaking into the courthouse basement where records are stored. The clay pipes coming down are cracked and broken,” Seufer said. While repairs are under way, the drainage will be redirected to comply with current EPA regulations.