Police: Drunken driving responsible for crash

MARIETTA – A drunken driver was reportedly the cause of a five-vehicle accident in Marietta Thursday evening.

The Marietta Police Department responded to a traffic accident at Pike and Acme streets at 5:42 p.m. Thursday.

All eight individuals involved in the accident were adults, and no injuries were reported, said Sgt. Len Ritchie of the Marietta Police Department.

David Schafer, 58, of 107 Victory Place, had been traveling east on Pike Street and attempted to turn left on Acme Street. The light was green; however, Schafer failed to yield to westbound traffic on Pike Street which also had a green light, said Ritchie.

“(Schafer’s car) was struck on the right rear side by (a vehicle) going west on Pike,” he said.

The impact caused Schafer’s car to strike a vehicle facing south at the red light at Acme Street. It was not immediately clear if the final two vehicles involved in the accident were struck by Schafer’s vehicle or by a chain reaction from the first vehicle, police said.

Schafer was subsequently arrested for OVI and failure to yield when turning left.

At headquarters, Schafer tested .140 percent blood alcohol. In addition to drinking three to four beers, Schafer also admitted to taking pain medication, police said.

He was later released to a friend.