Frontier warns customers about fake rep claims

CHARLESTON – Frontier Communications is alerting the public that an increasing number of Frontier customers in West Virginia report being contacted by individuals claiming to be Frontier employees or stating that their company is part of or acting on behalf of Frontier.

“Over the past two weeks, we have had an unusual number of customers complain about callers using unethical tactics to convince our customers to switch service,” Senior Vice President and General Manager Dana Waldo said.

“These scammers suggest they are affiliated with Frontier and then try to convince our customers to switch service to another company,” Waldo said. “We urge the public to be wary about such solicitations.

“The safety and security of customer information is a priority for Frontier,” Waldo said. “If at any time a caller does not seem legitimate, do not provide any personal information. Instead, ask for a contact number that you can verify or call us at 800-921-8101.

“We are taking steps to stop misleading calls,” Waldo said “We believe in competition and fair play. We do not condone or engage in deceptive practices of any kind.”