Children sing Seuss to life at Emerson Elementary

PARKERSBURG – On Thursday, Emerson Elementary School parents and children celebrated the work of popular children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

“This is a Dr. Seuss celebration and our second-graders are performing ‘Seussical, the Musical,'” said Emerson Elementary School Principal Penny Coleman. “Before this we had green eggs and ham.”

Amy Stevens, the Title I teacher at the school, said part of the Title I program requires the school to have events like this to involve the parents and children in educational games and activities. She said the program Thursday night was for children in kindergarten through second grade.

After the show, the children and their parents could work their way through Dr. Seuss-inspired stations with games and activities related to reading and writing.

Stevens said about 140 people planned to attend.

“The children have done the musical for four years now and we have programs for other grades,” she said. “We have math night for grades three through five and we have many other events throughout the year.”

Rhonda Johnston said her daughter in the second grade is a big fan of the Dr. Seuss works.

“Her favorite is ‘Green Eggs and Ham,'” she said. “She likes Dr. Seuss a lot.”

Leah Johnston said she had two favorites in the musical.

“I liked the ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ song the best because I got to play a saxophone,” she said. “I also liked the movie “The Lorax.”

Leah said she also enjoys other books from other authors.

“I liked ‘Miss Fannies Hat’ and ‘Beezus and Ramona,'” she said.

Jaylie Haddox had two favorite parts of “Seussical, the Musical.”

“I liked to play the saxophone (in ‘Green Eggs and Ham’) and the flower dance,” she said.

Also a Dr. Seuss fan, she said her favorite is “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.”

Lilly Farnsworth was part of the musical and liked the “Green Eggs and Ham” segment the best.

“My favorite is ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and ‘The Foot Book,'” she said.

While “Green Eggs and Ham” is her favorite, Lilly said she likes to read other Dr. Seuss books.

“I got ‘I Wish I Had Duck Feet’ today,” she said. “I like reading.”

For Carmen Ezell, Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” was her favorite part of the show and her favorite book by him. However, she said she had another favorite.

“I really like ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,'” she said.

Dalton Veon also was a fan of “Green Eggs and Ham.” He said it is his favorite book and his favorite part of the show.