New columnist Pavlo has stories to tell residents

PARKERSBURG – Walter Pavlo has a way with words and more than a few stories to tell.

Pavlo is The Parkersburg News and Sentinel’s newest writer and in a weekly column he plans to share a couple of tales, some true and others tall.

“If you had to pin me down in the corner and ask me what I write about, it’s how the downtrodden come out on top,” he said. “Some are stories from my life, others are completely made up.”

Born and raised in Savannah, Ga., Pavlo’s life is a story of travel and creation.

After graduating from Benedictine Military School, Pavlo left Savannah to spend three years in the Navy. He worked for a while in a shipyard and then traveled to the Bahamas to work at a chemical plant in Freeport.

“I went to work for L.B. Foster after a short time in the Bahamas, and I traveled with Foster being the project manager building plants,” he said.

Pavlo said he oversaw the building and setup of plants, and later went to work for Skyline Steel doing the same.

His roots in Parkersburg took hold in 1974 while working for L.B. Foster, he said, and he returned to the area after he retired.

“A lot of the work I did in the early stages for L.B. Foster, I worked right out of Parkersburg,” he said.

Now Pavlo puts those experiences to work in crafting stories about everyday people.

From a story about sifting through memories at a yard sale to pieces of poetry, Pavlo said he is eager to make his voice heard.

“I’m just so blessed to have this opportunity,” he said.