Airsoft gun discovered at Waterford High School

WATERFORD – School and law enforcement officials are praising a pair of Waterford High School students who reported seeing what turned out to be an Airsoft gun on school property Wednesday.

From their classroom, the students – a senior and a junior – spotted an object in the corner of the structure, where a bell is placed in front of the school, said Wolf Creek Local Schools Superintendent Bob Caldwell, whose office is in the high school. Caldwell went to take a look for himself, then contacted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“I would have viewed it as a real gun,” he said.

A deputy arrived and determined the item was an unloaded, plastic Airsoft gun. Sheriff’s Lt. Randy Stackpole said there were no fresh tracks in the snow, so it appears the item was left there by youngsters in the area while school was out the last few days.

“It looks like that maybe some kids were playing over there (Tuesday) and just laid it on those bricks,” he said.

Deputies took the gun back to the sheriff’s office and placed it in evidence. Stackpole said he does not anticipate any charges being filed.

Telling adults about the discovery was the right thing to do, Stackpole said.

“That’s what we tell the kids to do whether it’s at home or school or whatever,” he said.

Caldwell said the school received a couple calls about the situation, but that everyone remained calm.