Wood County delegate set to marry

PARKERSBURG – Roger Sheppard, vice president/general manager for WTAP-TV, and Delegate Anna Border, R-Wood, will marry today at a casual, private wedding ceremony at Fort Boreman Hill Historic Park.

“We both love the park. One of the first times we went out together we went to Fort Boreman so it has some sentimental value for us. Anna also plays the bagpipes and sometimes she goes up there to practice,” Sheppard said.

Sheppard and Border have known each other for more than 50 years, going back to junior high school.

“We went to VanDevender Junior High School together and we dated through ninth grade,” Sheppard said. Border’s mother, who Sheppard said has been a great friend over the years, was concerned the two were getting too serious and that’s why they broke it off back in the day.

Anna’s late husband, Larry Border, who was a member of the House of Delegates, died in June of 2011. Anna Border was appointed June 21, 2011, to fill the District 9 seat vacancy left by her husband’s death, then she ran successfully for election to the seat in the most recent general election. Mr. and Mrs. Border had been married for 38 years.

“Larry was a year ahead of us in high school. We all knew each and I had known Larry for years as well,” Sheppard said.

Sheppard said he invited Anna to actor Paul Dooley events last spring. “We started dating shortly after that,” he said.

The couple will have a private reception for invited guests at the Blennerhassett Hotel.

“We decided to keep the wedding small because Anna knows literally thousands of people. While we hate that not all our friends can attend, it could easily have gotten out of hand had we gone for an open wedding,” Sheppard said.

“We’ve known each other a long time, about 47 years,” Anna Border said. “We really hadn’t kept in touch. We would run into each other once in awhile over the years. He’s been a friend of the family,” Anna Border said.

Anna said three of her oldest grandchildren will be in the wedding party, two as flower girls and a ring bearer. She said the couple is keeping fingers crossed for good weather for the ceremony.