Wood County changes vacation policy

PARKERSBURG – Wood County employees with 25 years of service under their belt will now be eligible for an additional week of vacation time.

A total of 12 full-time county employees will be affected by the decision. County officials said all departments, with the exception of the sheriff’s office, follow the county policy with regard to vacation time.

“The sheriff’s office follows the civil service policies in the state code for law enforcement and they just adopted it for the tax office as well,” said deputy clerk Mark Rhodes who works with the county finance office.

County officials said the prosecutor’s office also has adopted a different vacation policy relating to the attorneys who serve as assistant prosecutors.

Under the current policy for the other departments, full-time employees receive two weeks vacation after one year of service; three weeks after five years; four weeks after 10 years, and five weeks after 20 years of service. Under the change, those with 25 years of service will now receive six weeks paid vacation. Vacation days must be used during the year or they are lost.

In considering the request for the additional week of vacation, commission President Wayne Dunn said: “It would be a good incentive to get employees to stay, a gesture to their dedication and service, and an additional benefit.”

“The only question I have is whether the departments might request additional revenue for overtime to cover shifts missed due to the additional days off,” Commissioner Blair Couch said.

“We just change schedules around to cover the shifts,” County Clerk Jamie Six said.

The county commissioners unanimously agreed to the change.