Rockefeller lays out legislative priorities for 113th Congress

WASHINGTON – Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., has detailed his priorities for the 113th Congress.

Rockefeller, who announced he will not run for re-election in 2014, said he will:

* Oppose proposals that disproportionately reduce the deficit on the backs of seniors, individuals with disabilities and families struggling to make ends meet.

* Introduce legislation for a tax credit to promote manufacturing development, focus on job training for West Virginians in emerging industries including natural gas drilling and on further investments in math and science education.

* Support the health care reform law to provide affordable care for millions of Americans, take power away from insurance companies to put consumers first and protect Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security from drastic cuts, create a long-term care system in the U.S. so millions of Americans can get needed services and supports without impoverishing themselves and prevent prescription drug abuse.

* Reintroduce a mine safety bill to better protect coal miners’ health and safety. He will oppose companies from unfairly cutting the health and retirement benefits.

* Support legislation to make sure that West Virginia’s growing natural gas industry is as safe as possible, focusing on truck and transmission pipeline safety and developing new legislation aimed at clean coal technology deployment.

* Make sure all our schools and libraries have access to the most up to date technologies.

* Protect veterans’ benefits, health care and education.

* Protect consumer information and strengthen privacy protections on the Internet.