Marietta Memorial welcomes first baby of 2013

MARIETTA – Emalynn Faith DeLong is the 2013 New Year’s baby at Marietta Memorial Hospital – born at 9:06 a.m. Tuesday, but she came a little earlier than expected, according to parents Charity and Matt DeLong of Williamstown.

“She wasn’t really due until Jan. 15,” Charity said, adding that the baby weighed in at more than 6 pounds, and was 17.5 inches long.

“We’re hoping she’ll turn out to be a lot like her sister,” she said.

Eight-year-old sister Hope Pickens held a blanket-wrapped Emalynn in her mother’s hospital room Tuesday afternoon.

“She’s cute – when I first came into the room and saw her I started crying,” Hope said.

Maternal grandparents J.L. and Debbie Dean, also from Williamstown, were also happy to see Emalynn.

“And now we have another grandchild to spoil,” Debbie said.

She noted that J.L. suggested making Faith the newborn’s first name, instead of Emalynn.

“Then we would have had Faith, Hope and Charity,” Debbie said.

The baby’s paternal grandparents are Sherry and Jeff DeLong of Vienna.

The last infant born at Marietta Memorial in 2012 also weighed just over 6 pounds and was 17.5 inches long. He came into the world at 1 p.m. Monday.

“We know his first name is Thatcher for sure, but we haven’t decided on a middle name yet. I guess you could say we’re taking a ‘year’ to give him a middle name, since it’s now 2013,” mother Roxanne Wilson of Parkersburg joked on Tuesday.

But she and husband Wes Wilson have narrowed the field down to three possible middle names – Pryce, Rhett, or Grey.

Thatcher is the Wilsons’ second child. Their first, Annistyn, is now 3 years old.

Roxanne said she had been experiencing labor pains for two weeks before Thatcher was born.

“The doctor told us if I was still having contractions Monday they would bring me in and induce labor,” she said. “We didn’t know if he would be born in December or January.”

Wes said either month would have been OK, as long as the baby was healthy.

The maternal grandparents are Connie and Max Price of Ravenswood.

“A local jewelry store has been holding a necklace that will be engraved with the baby’s birth date until we knew if he was coming in December or January,” Connie said.

Brad and Nancy Wilson of Barnesville, Ohio, are Thatcher’s paternal grandparents.

Roxanne said the Wilsons and several other family members were in to see the new baby Monday, including an uncle from Chicago who happened to be in town. Asked if they had any future plans for Thatcher, Wes said his new son would likely become a baseball player, carrying on a family tradition.

“He probably won’t have much of a choice,” Wes said. “My dad coached high school baseball, and I played ball at Muskingum College.”

The Wilsons marked their new baby’s arrival with birthday cake while watching the New Year’s festivities in New York City’s Times Square on Monday night.

“One good thing – everyone will be celebrating on his birthday every year,” Roxanne said.