Entries sought for West Virginia song contest

CHARLESTON — Entries are being solicited for the Songs of West Virginia contest from high school show choirs in the state.

Cathy Justice, wife of Gov. Jim Justice, is asking all high school show choirs to sing and record a song about West Virginia and send her office a link to the recording.

“I am very excited to offer a show choir initiative as part of my Artist Series this year,” Justice said. “There are many wonderful songs about our beloved West Virginia. I can’t wait to see and hear all of the creative renditions our West Virginia students submit.”

The contest is the fourth installment of Student Artist Series initiative. Art competitions or projects for students to participate in, encouraging creativity and promoting the importance of the arts within West Virginia schools will be held.

Students can email their contest entries as unlisted YouTube video links to first.lady@wv.gov. An unlisted video is a private video as only people who know the link to the video can view it. It will not appear in YouTube’s public spaces such as search results or on a channel.

Instructions for how to do so are:

* Sign in to YouTube or create an account.

* Follow the usual steps to upload a video.

* In the privacy settings, change the video from “public” to “unlisted.”

* Send the YouTube video link and all pertinent information to first.lady@wv.gov.

Entries will be accepted until April 29 and winners will be announced by May 13. Prizes will be awarded to winning entries.

For more information, contact Katie Speece, Justice’s special assistant, 304 558-3588 or kate.e.speece@wv.gov.