‘Drink & Think’ aims to be talk of Marietta

Photo provided by The Stage Door Meryl Williams makes a presentation about roller derby at the first Drink & Think at The Stage Door in February.

MARIETTA — What happens in 10 to 20 minutes with drinks in hand when a small gathering of all age ranges discuss conspiracy theories, ancient Native American sports or roller derby?

“It’s a prime opportunity for people to interact, question and talk together intimately,” said Hunt Brawley, of The Stage Door’s monthly Drink & Think.

Brawley, the executive director of Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Association (the association which launched the restoration of Peoples Bank Theatre and extended the footprint into The Stage Door), said the goal of the free gathering is to expose the community and Putnam Street to a vibrant, but casual vibe during the week.

Kat Watkins, who works at the theater and coordinates speakers of the events, said she hopes at least one more presenter will step up for this Tuesday’s gathering.

“It’s an opportunity for people to talk briefly about something they’re passionate about,” she described, noting the first two events in February and March drew gatherings of between 16 and 30 people. “This next one will have a talk on what makes a good male actor, but the topics are really limitless.”

Come, drink, heckle and enjoy a simple date night or outing with friends, said Miranda Duty, secretary of the association. She spoke about female motorcyclists at the first event and drew questions about gender discrimination and fraternal organizations.

Admission is free, with mixed drinks, wine and beer available at cost at the counter.

Each presentation is cheered at the end with a “huzzah” from the crowd, and the group favorite of the night usually receives merchandise from the theater.

“We’ve had some returners so far that have been very inquisitive and like to hear about different interests,” described Duty. “It’s kind of like coffeehouse meets jazz place, it’s a cool feeling when the lights go down.”

Brawley explained that the event was also launched to draw more interest to the theater, which Watkins said has increased accessibility to different social groups.

“People tend to think of theaters as stuffy, serious places, but we want to encourage them to smile, laugh, enjoy the smaller acts here, too,” she said.

Duty said the theater is even considering a teen-geared night for presentations, though all presenters are welcome to contact Watkins at the theater.

“I love the form, you don’t have to be a high-powered speaker to share something interesting for discussion,” added Brawley. “I shared about the ancient (Native American) games like lacrosse and chunky and how they were accompanied with heavy gambling last time.”

The next Drink & Think will take place at The Stage Door, 224 Putnam St., on Tuesday at 8 p.m.


If You Go…

* What: Drink & Think

* When: Every month, the next on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

* Where: The Stage Door, 224 Putnam St., Marietta

* Who: Open to the public

* Cost: Admission is free, mixed drinks, wine and beer available at cost at the counter

Source: The Stage Door