Wood County 4-H celebrates accomplishments at annual banquet

Teen leaders were honored at 4-H’s annual Awards Banquet on Nov. 4 at Butcher Bend 4-H Campground. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Wood County 4-H celebrated its member accomplishments and volunteer service at its annual Awards Banquet on Nov. 4 at Butcher Bend 4-H Campground.

The event was sponsored by WesBanco. Wood County 4-H members received awards and recognitions for outstanding project work, community service and leadership in 2018.

Awards were given at the club, county and state levels. Volunteers were recognized for service to the organization. The annual Friend of 4-H also was honored at the event.

The 2018 Friend of 4-H Honoree is the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates. The foundation has provided financial support to the 4-H programs in Wood, Doddridge and Ritchie counties for the last several years.

More than $57,960 in grants have been given to support upgrades to the Wood County 4-H Campgrounds, including the camp kitchen, livestock barns, assembly hall and dorms, and to support the 4-H After-school and Energy Express Summer Reading programs.

4-H royal court members are Brooklyn Affolter, Sr. Princess; Austen Kinzy, Jr. Princess (not pictured), Kylie Moore, Queen; Jacob Murphy, King; Isaac Lent, Sr. Prince; Jayden Dearth, Jr. Prince. (Photo Provided)

Doddridge County 4-H has received support for the 4-H Foundation, CEOS and 4-H Teen Leaders to provide facility and program improvements of $54,963. Ritchie County 4-H has received $40,001 in grant funds for facility and program improvements.

The Community Foundation serves other 4-H counties in its regional area and has also provided state level support of the Energy Express Summer Reading Program.

Bruce Holmes, board member, accepted the award on behalf of the foundation.

Cathy Garrison was honored as the 2018 Outstanding 4-H Volunteer. She has been a 4-H leader for 18 years and is a true asset to the Wood County 4-H program, officials said. She serves as a club organizational leader, a county livestock chairperson, a fund-raiser, and a community service project organizer.

* Club Level Awards: American Brushpoppers, Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club, Rebels 4-H Club,Woodchucks 4-H Club.

Cathy Garrison stands with Debbie Young, president of the 4-H Leaders’ Association, and Jodi Smith, 4-H Extension Agent. (Photo Provided)

* National 4-H Week Club Display Awards: 1st Place, American Brushpoppers; 2nd Place, Woodchucks; 3rd Place, Saulsbury.

Outstanding Members Awards nominated by clubs

* American Brushpoppers: Montana Moneypenny, Colton Melrose, Grace Kelley

* Belleville: Jack Kinzy, Kyra Bell, Austen Kinzy, Mikala Fling

* Fairview: Rochel Young, Olivia Smith, Kaylyn Smith

Bruce Holmes accepts on behalf of Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates. (Photo Provided)

* Lubeck: Jayden Flinn, Myah Tice, Brayden Griffith, Emma Daley

* Rebels: Jacob Barrett, Emma Casto, Evan Kent, Lilly-Ann Skinner, Olivia Mullen

* Sand Hill: Lucas Lewellyn, Isaac Lent, Katie Hubbard

* Saulsbury: Emma Bagley, Austin Sponaugle, Tyler Bagley, Jamie Lambert

* Woodchucks: Noah Forshey County Level Awards:

Mikala Fling and Emma Daley were I Dare You winners.

* Project Medals: Jeremiah Blackwell, Beef & Swine; Remington Blair, Woodworking; Kelsey Clegg, Leadership; Byron Dearth, Hiking; Jackson Dearth, Leadership; Jayden Dearth, Hiking; Dalton Frame, Leadership; Jayla Gard, Leadership; Riley Garrison, Beef, Goat and Rabbit; Marissa Hendershot, Horse, Sewing, Sheep and Poultry; Maddison Lewis, Poultry; Mason Lewis, Poultry and Rabbit; Paul Smith, Woodworking; Audrey Sundstrom, Cooking

* Rising Stars: Mallory Marks, Tessa Prunty, Katie Daley

County Outstanding 4-H Member Winners

* Junior grade 3-5: Jack Kinzy, Emma Bagley

* Intermediate grade 6-8: Austin Sponaugle, Rochel Young

4-H members recognized for volunteering.

* Senior grade 9-21: Tyler Bagley, Mikala Fling

* Helping Hands: Martin Sindledecker, Malachi Sindledecker, Lily Sundstrum

* Making a Difference: Kailynn Anderson, Braydyn Griffith, Whitney Griffith, Marissa Hendershot, Hannah Lent, Isaac Lent, Michelle Sampson, Audrey Sundstrom

* True Leaders in Service: David Barnes, Kelsey Clegg, Amberia Griffith, Molly Miller-Garrison, Jenna Harr, Jamie Lambert, Cameron Marks, Kylie Moore, Anna Smith, Kaylyn Smith, Zach Smith

* Prudential Spirit of the Community Certificates of Merit: Jackson Dearth, Evan Kent

* Prudential Spirit of the Community Achievement Award: Senior Level, Hope Prunty; Junior Level, Emily Kent

* I Dare You Award: Emma Daley, Mikala Fling

* Wood County 4-H Royalty: Junior Princess, Austen Kinzy; Senior Princess, Brooklynn Affolter; Junior Prince, Jayden Dearth; Senior Prince, Isaac Lent; King, Jacob Murphy; Queen, Kylie Moore

Teen Leader Awards

* Teen Leader Pins: Aiden Blake, Molly Miller-Garrison, Hannah Lent, Isaac Lent, Mallory Marks, Miranda Reed

* Achievement in Service: Jenna Harr, Kylie Moore

* Achievement in Leadership: Molly Miller-Garrison

* Outstanding Service Awards: Brie-Ann Young, Cierra Richter

* Outstanding Leadership Awards: Layne Lockhart, Miranda Reed

* Continuing Service and Leadership: Shelby Dearth

State and National Level Awards and Recognition

* State Fair of West Virginia, Beef Show: Shane Galland, Top 10 Beef Senior Showmanship, 2nd Place Replacement Heifer, 2nd Place Market Steer; Sarah Huffman, 3rd Place Replacement Heifer, 1st Place Market Steer ; Darryl Murphy 4th Place Market Feeder Steer.

* Swine Show: Jordyne Lockhart 1st Place in Market Class; Kamran Lockhart 5th Place in Market Class; Riley Garrison 5th place in Market Class; Molly Miller-Garrison 7th place in Market Class; Layne Lockhart 7th Place in Market Class; Darryl Murphy 8th Place in Market Class; Blaine Garrison 10th Place in Market Class; Jacob Murphy 10th Place in his Market Class.

* Blue Ribbon Still 4-H Winners: Kailynn Anderson, Steffan Affolter, Isaac Blair, Remington Blair, Julia Bland, Lilly Burkey, Erin Carmicle, Kelsey Clegg, Emma Daley, Byron Dearth, Jackson Dearth, Jayden Dearth, Jordan Dearth, Shayanne Dearth, Shelby Dearth (2), Mikala Fling (2), Cate Evans, Jayden Flinn, Noah Forshey, Dalton Frame (2), Jayla Gard, Shayleigh Gard (2), Riley Garrison, Brayden Griffith, Whitney Griffith, Marissa Hendershot, Haleigh Kent, Lucas Lewellyn, Jennessa Lewellyn, Miryan Lewis (2), Makalyn Lewis, Ryley Louden, Cameron Marks, Mallory Marks, Camryn McLain, Mackenzie Moles, Leilani Navarro, Tessa Prunty, Alisha Ramme, Miranda Reed, Cierra Richter, Jordan Riddle, Michelle Sampson, Tyler Shedd, Stephanie Shedd, Anna Smith, Kaylyn Smith, Zach Smith, Paul Smith, Hanna Starcher, Bre Stemple, Kennedy Stephens, Audrey Sundstrom, Lily Sundstrom, Jaxon Thomas, Brayden Thompson, Samantha Thompson, Myah Tice, Aubrey Whitlatch, Brie-Ann Young (3).

* State Poster Contest Winners: Kyra Bell, Junior 4-H Promotion, General; Daphne Vanfossen, Intermediate 4-H Promotion, General; Hailey Payne, Senior 4-H Promotion, General; Shyanne Dearth, Junior 4-H Promotion, Club; Jackson Dearth, Intermediate 4-H Promotion, Club; Shyanne Dearth, Junior 4-H Promotion, Camp; Byron Dearth, Intermediate 4-H Promotion, Camp; Jackson Dearth, Intermediate STEM; Jordan Dearth, Junior Healthy Living; Ally Mahoney, Intermediate Healthy Living; Shelby Dearth, Senior Healthy Living; Shyanne Dearth, Junior Citizenship; Kennedy Stephens, Junior Agriculture; Jackson Dearth, Intermediate Agriculture; Mikala Fling, Senior Agriculture

* State Dairy Poster Contest: Junior, Hollie Smith; Intermediate, Emily Kent.

* State Photo Contest: Sophie Beam, Bryton Burkey, Jasmine Claypoole, Emilee Ellison, Mikala Fling, Molly Miller-Garrison, Riley Garrison, Luke Harper, Miranda Reed, Paul Smith, Brayden Thompson, Jaxon Thomas, Brie-Ann Young

* WV State Air Rifle Championship: 16th Alyssa Tennant; 25th Austin Sponaugle; 34th Hope Prunty; 73rd Tessa Prunty; 84th Matthew Carpenter; 96th Miranda Murphy; 105th Owen Postwaite; 110th Kristina Fox; 112th Ethan Fox.

* West Virginia Beef Expo Stockman’s Contest: Layne Lockhart, Jordyne Lockhart, Kamran Lockhart, Megan Melrose.

* West Virginia 4-H All Stars: Kylie Moore, 4-H Member, Ryan Thompson, 4-H Member, Brie-Ann Young, 4-H Member, Cathy Garrison, Volunteer Leader.

* Presidential Service Awards: Bronze, Josiah Swiger, Tyler Bagley, Kamryn Deem, Dalton Frame, Jayla Gard, Shelby Dearth, Kathryn Hubbard, Layne Lockhart, Miranda Reed, Olivia Smith; Silver, Craig Deem, Tessa Prunty, Brie-Ann Young; Gold, Emma Bagley, Emma Daley, Katie Daley , Jackson Dearth, Emily Kent, Evan Kent, Mallory Marks, Hope Prunty, Austin Sponaugle, Mikala Fling, Cierra Richter

* National Recognition: Belleville 4-H Club and Teen Leader member Mikala Fling was selected through an interview process to represent Wood County at National 4-H Conference in November.

* International Recognition: Saulsbury 4-H Club and Collegiate 4-H Club member Miranda Reed recently represented Wood County on the international trip Ireland Learning Adventures with 4-H members from across the state.

* Volunteer Leader Recognition: 5th Year Silver Clover Leader, Lindsey Boso, Kyla Conger, Scott Huffman, Lyndall Jones, Melanie Lockhart, Robert Lockhart, Jeff McElfresh, Jay Prunty, Crystal Sponaugle, Clyde “Bob’ Sponaugle; 10th year Gold Clover Leader, Doug Casto, Brittany Williams; 15th Year Pearl Leader, Linda Dearth, Angela Evans, Mary Richter, George Taylor, Angie Thompson; 20th Year, Diamond Clover, Allen “Russ” Collins, Angie Groves; 25th Year Emerald Clover Leader, Stephanie DeBerry, Michael Fling, Michelle Fling; 30th Year Ruby Clover Leader, Tony Boso, Betty Somerville; 35th Year Sapphire Clover Leader, Marilyn Taylor, Penny Todd.

4-H members recognized for State Fair exhibits. (Photo Provided)