Worthington women present golf awards

Past champions and 2018 Margaret Matheny award winners were honored at the closing luncheon of the Worthington Women’s Golf Association for 2018. Honorees are, from left, Marsha Jackson, Margaret Matheny Award (18 hole); Helen Hale; Carol Liddle and Norma Yeardley, past champions, and Vicki Fielder, Margaret Matheny Award (9 hole). (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — The Worthington Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) closed its 2018 season with a luncheon and presentation of awards at the clubhouse.

A rainy September forced cancellation of the annual 18-hole and 9-hole club tournaments. Therefore, the Executive Committee honored all of the past winners who are still playing members of the association.

Past winners in attendance and honored at the luncheon were Norma Yeardley, 10 championships; Margie Santer, five championships; Helen Hale, two championships. Past winners unable to attend the luncheon were Mary Lopez, seven championships, and Carol Liddle, one championship.

Others honored were those who became members of the ’15’ and ’29’ Clubs this season. These clubs honor those with 15 putts (9 hole) and 29 putts (18 hole) in any single round.

New members of the ’15’ Club are Phyllis Atkinson, Ann Boyce, Mary Bayne, Vicki Fielder, Lois Boice, Helen Hale, Brenda Morton, Jean Poole, Connie Golden and Ann Tucker. New members of the ’29’ Club are Judy Gates, Norma Yeardley, Delores Steege, Carol Liddle, Mary Lopez and Mirtala Smith.

The annual Margaret Matheny Award was presented to Marsha Jackson (18) and Vicki Fielder (9).

Ringer winners were Mary Ingram (18) and Carolyn Moellendick (9). Most improved were Judy Gates (18) and Vicki Fielder (9).

The most birdies award went to Mary Lopez; runner-up was Judy Gates.

The executive board for 2019 was introduced: Coleen Wittig assumes the chairman position, assisted by Carolyn Moellendick, assistant chairman; Sue Ellen Johnson, secretary; Andrea Brock, assistant secretary; Judy Gates, treasurer; Connie Golden, assistant treasurer; Mary Ellen Eddy, parliamentarian, and Vicki Fielder, adviser.

Serving on the nominating committee will be Gaye Fife, Marsha Jackson, Mary Lopez and Mary Smith.

The WWGA will begin its 2019 season with a coffee on April 30, 2019 at 10 a.m. at the Worthington Clubhouse.

All women golfers are welcome to attend the coffee to learn what exciting events are planned for the 2019 season, the golf association said. Golf play is scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 7, 2019 with an approximate 8 a.m. start.

Women wanting additional information about joining the WWGA may contact any executive board member.