Vienna Senior Citizens Association meeting

VIENNA — The Vienna Senior Citizens Association had a covered dish luncheon/business meeting at noon Aug. 10 in the Vienna Senior Citizens Building.

Every one brought a dish of food to share and spagetti and garlic bread were furnished.

President Ida Mae Blair welcomed members and guests and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Vienna Councilman Bruce Rogers gave the invocation. Blair recognized August birthdays of members. After a meal, Blair opened the business meeting.

Secretary Donald Hupp read the July 13, 2018 minutes and they were approved as read. Treasurer Mary Rader gave the bank report, expenditures, petty cash, and balance and it was filed for audit. Motion made to pay bills carried.

Deloris Chancey, President of AARP Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter 5181, announced the Sept. 7, 2018 meeting would be at 1 p.m. in the Vienna Senior Center. The speaker will be Joshua Booth from Hospice Outreach. There will be a question and answer session after the speaker is finished with his presentation and refreshments will be served.

President Blair announced that the August 15 Amish Ohio Star Theater Trip to Sugarcreek, Ohio bus would leave promptly at 9 a.m. Included was a family style lunch at the Dutch Valley Theater and the play “Half Stitched” was in the Ohio Star Theater. Shopping would follow in the Dutch Valley Bakery/Gift Shop.

Blair announced that Eva Woodyard had called her and said she missed us and her little dog had to be put to sleep. Keep her in your prayers and try to call or visit her.

Since we joined the Lyons Club as a group, they brought vegetables from their garden at Point Park for us to share.

The speaker was Brian Mercer presenting information concerning a Senior Life Insurance Plan. He brought a door prize, a large print King James Bible won by Abby.

Mercer told us if we received a check and didn’t know who or what it was from not to cash it. It is usually a fake check used to get your information when you try to cash it.

You need to prepay your funeral, never buy insurance over the phone from someone you don?t know. The most practical insurance to buy is Whole Life for life because Term Insurance is gone when you retire.

Please deal with a local agent and take a family member with you. Don’t leave your funeral expenses for your children to pay. Several local cemeteries have a $2,000 opening fee and will not open a grave until they get their money. Direct cremation is what it says, nothing else. You have to pay for other services.

Please make a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney and have everything in writing so your children know what you want and won’t have to fight about it. You don’t want a Judge you never met make the decisions about how your money and possessions will be divided according to the law of the State you live in. Wills should be reviewed every five years and changed if needed. Wills must be notarized and signed.

After the business was finished, everyone was welcome to play games and invited back for games at 6 p.m. in the Center.