September Wacky 5K honors Cinglie

Event raises money in battle against dystonia

Photo provided Stacy Houser, left, says Kristin Cinglie, right, who has dystonia, has been an inspiration to Temple Challenge participants.

PARKERSBURG — This past March, Temple Challenge began its eight Wacky 5K series to promote living a healthy lifestyle.

The TC Wacky 5Ks are held at the City Park on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. They are free for the community and can be done by any fitness level.

Stacy Houser, founder of the Temple Challenge, has created a program where people of any age can participate and receive a workout while enjoying the outdoors.

“I call it the Wacky 5K because participants don’t just walk or run 3.1 miles, but they also have the opportunity to stop at seven stations around the park and do different exercises if they choose to,” said Houser. “The 5Ks are free to the community and are an amazing outlet to get involved with an incredible group of goal-driven people.”

The TC Wacky 5K helps in developing an exercise routine on weekends, Houser said, even if they are just held once a month. Temple Challenge classes are offered on the other weekends.

The next Wacky 5K will be held on Sunday, Sept. 23 from 2-3 p.m. at City Park in Parkersburg. In honor of one of the Temple Challenge participants, Kristin Cinglie, the group will be partnering with the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and other local sponsors to raise awareness for Dystonia.

Cinglie has been involved in Temple Challenge since the beginning and has been an inspiration to many of the TC participants, said Houser.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes muscles to contract or spasm involuntarily causing pain, tremors, twisting and other uncontrollable movements. Cinglie was diagnosed with dystonia in early 2012.

After being diagnosed, she approached Houser about working together to find safe ways for her to continue to be physically active. After some trial and error, they were able to get Cinglie back in the gym, which led to her being involved with Temple Challenge.

“I am so thankful for Stacy and my Temple Challenge family. Getting back in the gym helped me reclaim a little bit of who I was before dystonia and provided me with a support group that I didn’t even know I needed,” said Cinglie.

With September being Dystonia Awareness Month, Houser and others felt that the Wacky 5K was the perfect way to continue to support Cinglie, to educate people about the disorder and to raise money for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.

There will be shirts for sale and raffle items available at the event. “I am excited and a little overwhelmed,” said Cinglie. “The number of people that have chosen to sponsor the event, have donated raffle items, or are making long trips to participate in the event is humbling. Stacy is the catalyst for all of this and I will forever be grateful for her friendship and support.”

“My vision is to make the September Wacky 5K an incredible event for Kristin. This is just something little compared to what she has done for my life and the Temple Challenge community. Words can’t describe how wonderful of a person she is,” said Houser.