Ghost Stories supplement accepting submissions

PARKERSBURG — Halloween is on Oct. 31 and The Parkersburg News and Sentinel’s “Ghost Stories,” the annual anthology of all things other wordly, is encouraging readers to send in their tales of the supernatural.


We don’t think so.

The award-winning “Ghost Stories” is a collection of stories about experiences with the unexplained, the macabre, the paranormal, of spectres, goblins and monsters and alien encounters in the 8th Dimension that would make Buckaroo Banzai cringe.

Submissions will be accepted from residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley and beyond. How far beyond? Far beyond.

Submissions will be accepted until Oct. 4. “Ghost Stories” publishes on Oct. 12.

Stories can be about anything of the macabre, astral sightings, spirits of the night, demonic possessions, interviews with the vampire, UFOs and events that defy logic and rational explanation.

Tales told around the campfire on a dark and gloomy night are perfect for “Ghost Stories” because when its too scary for some, it’s just right for us.

Digital submissions are preferred to prevent errors. Submissions that are handwritten should be legibly printed, but typewritten entries are preferred.

If you have a photo or an illustration, better yet. Include them as jpeg attachments with electronic submissions. Fax photos will not be accepted.

Send your submission, including appropriate contact information, by:

∫ Email to

∫ Our website,, where you can click the “Submit News” button under the masthead. State in the body of the story that it is a ghost story.

∫ Our Facebook site,

∫ U.S. Mail to Ghost Stories, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, 519 Juliana St., Parkersburg, 26101.

∫ Hand delivery at 519 Juliana St., Parkersburg.

∫ Fax at 304-485-5122.