Actors Guild of Parkersburg, Mid-Ohio Valley Players to open season

File Photo The Mid-Ohio Valley Players presented the comedy “The Ladies of Harmony” as part of its 2017-2018 season. With the 2018-2019 season now underway, the MOVP will be presenting its sequel, “Harmony Romances,” in September.

PARKERSBURG — The Actors Guild of Parkersburg and the Mid-Ohio Valley Players in Marietta will be presenting a variety of offerings during the 2018-2019 seasons at each local community theatre venue.

At the Guild, tickets for the 2018-19 Season are now on sale at

The shows are:

* “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” featuring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder and Snoopy sharing the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of childhood in this sweet musical.

It will be presented Sept. 2-Oct. 6. Charles Schulz’s comic comes to life in the musical. The whole gang is here: bossy Lucy is hopelessly in love with piano prodigy Schroeder who doesn’t give her the time of day, perfectionist Sally is still mocking blanket-toting Linus, Snoopy is in the doghouse, and “blockhead,” himself, Charlie Brown, is in rare form.

File Photo The Actors Guild of Parkersburg presented the musical “Little Shop of Horrors” in June. The 2018-2019 season kicks off in September with “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

* “A Christmas Story: The Musical” will be presented Nov. 16-Dec. 8.

Nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants one thing for Christmas, and one thing only: An Official Red Ryder Range Model Carbine Action BB Gun. There’s only one problem: everyone else is convinced he’ll shoot his eye out. Undeterred, he begins his saga of convincing all the necessary players, including Santa Claus himself, that he needs that gun.

* “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” will be the annual Guild Builders youth production. The audience will join Genie and Aladdin in Agrabah to discover A Whole New World, performed and crewed by local Guild Builder students from Jan. 18-26.

In the show, Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character.

* Ken Ludwig’s “The Game’s Afoot, or Holmes for the Holidays” will ask What Would Sherlock Holmes Do? An actor known for portraying the famous detective on stage must use everything he’s learned from the character in order to solve a murder at his holiday party.

Presented by the Guild from March 1-16, 2019, the show is set in December 1936. Broadway star William Gillette, admired the world over for his leading role in the play “Sherlock Holmes,” has invited his fellow cast members to his Connecticut castle for a weekend of revelry. But when one of the guests is stabbed to death, the festivities in this isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous.

* Presented from April 19-May 11, 2019, “Mamma Mia!” features the music of ABBA weaving through a sunny, funny story of new love, old love, renewed love, and finding your true self when a young woman invites three of her mother’s former lovers to her wedding to find out who is her father.

With hits by ABBA woven throughout, the musical is the story of a young woman’s search for her birth father. This sunny and funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

* “On Golden Pond” will be presented June 14-29 and involves the Thayers at their lake cabin on Golden Pond when they host a teenage boy who shows them that there are always new things to discover even when you’ve been married forever, and to treasure what you have.

This is the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond for the forty-eighth year. He is nearing eighty, and Ethel, ten years younger, delights in all the small things that have enriched their long life together. They are visited by their daughter and her fiance, who leave his teenage son behind for the summer.

* “La Cage Aux Folles” will be the final Guild show of the 2018-2019 season, running July 26-Aug. 10, 2019.

La Cage Aux Folles is a comfortably shabby night club in St. Tropez, France, which features a drag show starring ZaZa. After 20 years of un-wedded bliss, Georges, the owner, and Albin, who brings ZaZa to life, face the biggest challenge in their 20-year relationship — meeting the parents of their son’s fiancee.

In Marietta, the Mid-Ohio Valley Players will also present a full set of shows for the 2018-2019 season, beginning in September.

* “Harmony Romances” will be performed Sept. 21-29 at the Players Theatre at Third and Putnam streets in downtown Marietta.

Written by Ron Hill, “Harmony Romances” is the comedic sequel to “The Ladies of Harmony,” which was recently presented by the MOVP in Marietta.

This time, the church ladies are in charge of planning a wedding instead of a funeral. Leah, a fellow church lady, is getting married to Howard, a man she hasn’t seen in years and with whom she has had only an e-mail and telephone relationship. On the day of the wedding, Howard suffers a major spastic colon flare-up and disappears into the church’s bathroom. Now it’s up to the church ladies to find a way to get him out, before he misses his own wedding.

* “Little Women of Orchard Street” will be the MOVP Youth Theater production scheduled for Dec. 7-9.

Playwright David Longest has taken the classic Louisa May Alcott novel and expanded it into a sweeping historical tale. The play begins with Louisa May recalling her own childhood. The audience quickly meets the real Alcott sisters and the many literary greats who visited Orchard House, their home in Concord, Mass. As the dramatization of “Little Women” begins, the fictional plot of the novel and the real-life friends and family of Louisa May Alcott are cleverly entwined.

* “Same Time, Next Year” will be presented Feb. 8-16, 2019. A romantic comedy by Bernard Slade, George and Doris meet by chance at a romantic inn over dinner. Although both are married to others, they find themselves in the same bed the next morning questioning how this could have happened. The plot focuses on the two, who continue to meet for a romantic tryst once a year for two dozen years.

* “Precious Heart” will be presented March 15-24, 2019. It was written by Ted Karber Jr.

The award-winning play is all about Fleeta Mae and her memories of high school rivalries and the lives of those around her in the little town of Precious Heart, Texas. From her encounters with nymphomaniac armadillos, to her clandestine waltzing with her dress form, to a strange little creature that may or may not have been an alien … anything is possible in Fleeta Mae’s world as she has retained a child-like wonder many people loose as they pass into adulthood.

* “The Importance of Being Ernest,” by Oscar Wilde, will be presented May 3-12, 2019.

A farcical comedy in which the protagonists maintain fictitious persona to escape burdensome social obligations. Algernon thinks the servant class has a responsibility to set a moral standard for the upper classes. Morality and the constraints it imposes on society is a favorite topic of conversation and the central plot. The man who both is and isn’t Ernest/ear nest, presents a moral paradox.

* Closing out the 2018-2019 season in Marietta will be Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” from June 21-30, 2019.

Set in Salem, Mass., in the spring of 1692, the story focuses upon a young farmer, his wife, and a young servant-girl who maliciously causes the wife’s arrest for witchcraft. The farmer brings the girl to court to admit the lie, and it is here that the monstrous course of bigotry and deceit is terrifyingly depicted as the witch trials unfold.


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