Local acts get Parkersburg Homecoming spotlight


PARKERSBURG — Three bands and three solo acts will be featured at the 2018 Parkersburg Homecoming Music Showcase, the third year for the event highlighting local musicians.

“The first time is a test; the second time is just to make sure; the third time you go for it,” said Joe Ellison, owner/operator of Karaoke by Joe-E-Okie and master of ceremonies for the event.

The event was suggested by Homecoming committee member Heather Cooper and started out with a group of solo performers. Last year, they added bands to the mix.

“I wanted to give … local musicians a spot at the Homecoming, get them some recognition,” Cooper said.

Returning from last year are the non-members, an acoustic singer-songwriter duo, and singer-songwriter Josyph Grim. They’ll be joined by rockabilly and classic rock and country performer Tom Roddey and J.P. Chandler, whose original music has been described as “outlaw folk.” The other bands on the program are rockers Aftershock and Some Kind of Strange, which performs original music.

Some Kind of Strange

Cooper said she posts a request for acts online and fills out the lineup on a first-come, first-served basis. She’s very excited about this year’s roster.

“I like that we have different genres,” she said.

The performances will be held on Aug. 17, the first night of Homecoming, at the Point Park Amphitheater. The Showcase starts at 6 p.m., with bands given an hour to perform and solo acts 60 minutes. In between sets, local comedian Joe Gant will entertain the crowd.

Chandler said that at many local venues, 40 or 50 people are considered a good crowd.

The amphitheater can accommodate a whole lot more.

Joe Ellison of Karaoke by Joe-E-Okie

“It’s probably the biggest event in Parkersburg with the most draw,” he said of Homecoming.

Chandler recalls attending a number of performances at the festival over the years.

“It’s nice to be able to perform someplace I used to go watch other people perform,” he said.

Some Kind of Strange member Abby Taylor said it’s important to support local artists, which has a positive impact not only on them but on the area’s youth, who might be tomorrow’s local artists.


JP Chandler

2018 Parkersburg Homecoming Music Showcase

* 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17


* Aftershock

* J.P. Chandler

The non members

* Josyph Grim

* The non members

* Some Kind of Strange

* Tom Roddey