SW Resources artists to hold exhibit at Parkersburg Art Center

Photo provided “Lighthouse” Mosaic by Colin Kelley

PARKERSBURG — Windows of Opportunity featuring the work of the Marble Tree artists of SW Resources will open with a reception 2:30-4:30 p.m. Sunday at the Parkersburg Art Center.

Windows of Opportunity features Linda Alexander, Forest Ash, Charlene Dawson, Jenny Ferruso, Kristi Garrison and Colin Kelley, who are part of the Marble Tree creative group, a division of SW Resources for SW clients to express themselves in a creative and productive manner.

Each of the framed works has been created using paper cut from recycled magazines, Abby Hayhurst, Art Center director, said.

Each Marble Tree mosaic is meticulously hand-crafted with thousands of pieces of recycled magazines, Hayhurst said. Each piece is colorful, unique and beautiful, she said.

Along with their mosaics, the artists are displaying their work on recycled windows removed from older homes in the Mid-Ohio Valley. The windows are hand-painted, using transparent glass inks, and are as colorful and unique as the mosaics, Hayhurst said.

“I’m betting an average of several thousand tiny cut pieces of colored paper-and we’re talking tiny, here-has gone into the creation of each of these framed pieces,” Hayhurst said. “From a distance, you can’t even see the cut edges; it just looks like a nice landscape, or whatever. But when you get a few feet away, you can see that these are all collages, created with glue, precision and extraordinary patience.”

The paper tiles are laid in the fashion of mosaics, creating images as varied as a stylized horse to a highly-detailed railroad engine,” she said.

“It’s hard to imagine the amount of time and degree of care that has gone into these pieces,” Hayhurst said.

Angela Phelps, a spokesman for SW Resources, said the painted windows came about when Marietta College donated old windows for recycling in a creative manner.

“The artists were excited to try the new glass inks and teamed up to work on these windows. The colors are beautiful, especially when the transparent works of art are hung in front of an actual window,” Phelps said. “We can’t wait to see them in a gallery setting.”

The opening reception is open to the public. Admission is $10 for adults, free for Art Center members or children under 12 years old.

The exhibit will be open for viewing 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Daily admission is $2 for adults and free for members, children under 12, clients of SW Resources or those who have members of the family on active duty in the military.