Rudolph writes about days in Parkersburg

Former Parkersburg resident Chuck Rudolph holds his book “Days in Parkersburg: A boy and his family.” (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Chuck Rudolph continues to write about his days in Parkersburg.

In 2014, Rudolph, a social studies teacher who lives near Fredericksburg, Va., published his book “Days in Parkersburg: A boy and his family.”

Describing it as a “nostalgia piece,” Rudolph’s book contains his recollections of living in Parkersburg from 1964-84.

The book has grown to now include six volumes about growing up in Parkersburg.

The first volume, or part, is “Days in Parkersburg,” a tale about a young boy, Carl Jr., growing up in a small town.

The second volume is “Land of the Blue Devils,” as Carl Jr. enters junior high school and takes his first steps as a competitive runner.

Volume three is “Run of the Big Reds,” and follows a season of the Parkersburg High School cross country team.

Volume four is “Glory Days in Parkersburg,” and captures Carl Jr.’s life as a student-athlete at Parkersburg High School.

Volume five is “The Wild Geese,” a story about the 1981 Parkersburg High School track and field team.

Volume six is “Farewell to Parkersburg,” when Carl Jr. leaves his beloved family for the first time and enters college.

Rudolph, 55, attended Wood County schools from 1969-81 at McKinley Elementary, VanDevender Junior High and Parkersburg High School. He ran track at VanDevender and track and cross country at PHS.

“I began writing stories in 2008, and when I had to decide what to write about, I decided to write about my family, friends and my time in Parkersburg. I had loving parents, three fantastic siblings, and we were very close. I enjoyed my time in Parkersburg immensely, and I think about those days often,” said Rudolph, a 1981 graduate of PHS.

An excerpt from “Glory Days in Parkersburg” follows:

“I enjoy writing about my life in Parkersburg, and the wonderful time I had growing up there. It is an honor and a privilege to recall the people I knew and loved, the special events that filled my boyhood, and the fond memories of that little town, which sits guarded by the Ohio River, and is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

“It is impossible for me to believe so much time has gone by. I didn’t know it then, but those days in Parkersburg were some of the best times of my life.”

Rudolph describes the “Days in Parkersburg” books as a six-volume collection of fiction based on his life in Parkersburg, “where I grew up, lived and loved. Journey back in time and read about the adventures of a boy and his family, living together and loving each other in small-town America many years ago.”

Each of the books is available at with Rudolph listed as author Charles H. Rudolph.

Rudolph described “Days in Parkersburg” as a story about the importance of family, traditional values and time-honored practices.

Growing up at 1722 Avery St. afforded Rudolph easy access to City Park, Parkersburg High School and downtown Parkersburg, he noted.

The cover of “Days in Parkersburg” is a painting of the Avery Street home he grew up in. The painting was done by his mother, Ann Rudolph, a former Wood County Schools teacher.

After graduating from Furman University in Greenville, S.C., in 1985, Rudolph moved to Hilton Head, S.C., where he taught and coached at the high school from 1991-2003.

He has written two other books: “Pets in My Heart,” published in 2010, and “Devo’s Time,” published in 2012.