Parkersburg High School announces Science Fair results

PARKERSBURG — Parkersburg High School has announced the winners of the 61st Annual PHS Science Fair.

The event was held Jan. 25 at the school with the PHS Science Department and DuPont, the school’s Partner in Education.

Marilyn B. Santo received Best in Show for her project “Antibiotic Resistance of Gram Positive vs. Gram Negative Bacteria.” The alternate was Katherine G. Farinash for her project “Radioactive Thymus vulgaris”

This year’s winners are:

∫ Botany: Katherine G. Farinash, First Place; Emily McMillian, Second Place; Dawn V. Stutler, Honorable Mention.

∫ Chemistry: Anna Fatta, First Place; Stacy Dickerson, Second Place; Brylee D. Atkinson, Honorable Mention; Ashley N. Tripler, Honorable Mention; Galen M. Chambers, Honorable Mention.

∫ General Science: Jozie H. Carpenter, First Place.

∫ Genetics: Marion N. Santo, First Place.

∫ Microbiology: Marilyn B. Santo, First Place; Cecelia Fatta, Second Place; Gillian N. Thomas, Third Place; Lindsie M. Goodwin, Honorable Mention.

∫ Physics: Elizabeth M. Reynolds, First Place.

∫ Physiology: Alexis S. Mahoney, Honorable Mention.

∫ Zoology: Sarah Elizabeth McDonnell, First Place; Inaka Ramon Navarro Gutierrez, Second Place.