Dizzyboy Productions to debut ‘Marrtown’ at Marietta College

Photo Provided A publicity still from “Marrtown,” an indie film by Dizzyboy Productions in Parkersburg. The movie will premiere Nov. 4 at the McDonough Center at Marietta College.

PARKERSBURG — “Marrtown,” a historical thriller by the Parkersburg-based Dizzyboy Productions will premiere Nov. 4 at the McDonough Center at Marietta College.

The movie stars Kristin Mitchem and Toni Marie Perry, who were in “Khange Tha Game,” with appearances by horror-movie actress Maria Olsen, who was in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” and “Starry Eyes.”

The show is about Theo, a college student who tries to learn why people are “getting hurt” in her dreams. She is startled to learn it may be linked to a cursed ancestral locket once owned by Theodosia Burr Alston.

Theo is played by Mitchem.

“I love the story in ‘Marrtown,'” she said. “You have a little bit of history, mixed with folklore, which you will see in the film, that is expanded into this incredible thriller.”

Mitchem said it was an honor to work with the cast.

“The majority of the cast and crew are local and we all hope the community will come out and support us and the local arts, while having a great Saturday night out,” Mitchem said.

The premiere will start with red carpet activities at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $15, which includes a movie poster signed by the cast and photo opportunities on the red carpet.

Tickets will not be sold at the door and must be purchased prior to the event. Tickets can be purchased through PayPal through dizzyboy13@gmail.com or by contacting Rich Rule at 304-615-3547.

The writer was Zeilo Vogta. Rule is the director of “Marrtown.”

“Marrtown’ was such an exciting and rewarding experience,” Rule said. “As the director, I enjoyed working with the many talented actors during this film. This is a unique story loosely based on the history and folklore of the (Aaron) Burr family. The many twists and turns in the film will leave the audience on the edge of their seats. I truly believe the community will love this film.”

Olsen is cast as Missy.

“I absolutely think this is something positive for the community to get behind,” she said. “Making a feature film is a lot of incredibly hard work, and working on such a project, especially an indie film with a smaller budget, creates the feeling that people aren’t just working on something together, but that they’re family.”

Many people are required to make a movie, according to Olsen.

“Shooting a film requires input, help and work from so many people who have expertise in so many different areas, and it isn’t just a bunch of actors getting together with a writer and someone holding a camera,” she said. “Everyone can help making a film, and everyone is equally important to the process.

“The person who drives the lunch to the set is equally as important as the lead actor or the director, because the production cannot move forward without them,” she said. “And, at the end of the day, you have this wonderful memory of the project — evidence of all the work, sweat, tears and fun — right up there on the screen for everyone to enjoy forever!”

Olsen said she enjoyed the time she spent in Parkersburg.

“My one regret about the stay is that it wasn’t longer and that I couldn’t get to visit some of the amazing attractions in the area. There’s a particular haunted hospital I would have loved to have visited, for instance,” she said. “The countryside is absolutely lovely, too, and it was a very peaceful alternative from bustling Los Angeles. I can’t wait to come back for another visit.”

The cast will be at Classic Plastics Toy Store in the Grand Central Mall at 7 p.m. Nov. 3 for a meet-and-greet with Olsen, Mitchem and Perry.

A trailer for the company’s latest film to be released next year, “No Knock List,” will be played at the premiere of “Marrtown” before the start of the movie.