Wood BOE recognizes 8 students

PARKERSBURG – Eight Wood County students were selected from a pool of hundreds throughout the state to attend The West Virginia Governor’s Honors Academy earlier this summer.

The Wood County Board of Education recognized these students during its Tuesday evening meeting.

The Wood County students who attended this year’s honors academy are Katherine Gnegy of Parkersburg High School, Heidi Ha of PHS, Swathi Mukkamala of PHS, Courtney Oran of PHS, Alyssa Roush of Parkersburg South High School, Courtney Stackpole of PHS, Rachel Starling of PSHS and Bryan Stone of PHS.

Katherine Gnegy was not present to receive her award at Tuesday’s meeting. The other students were each called before the board and recognized for their achievement in being chosen to attend the honors academy.

Each student received a printed certificate in a blue folder-frame from Wood County School Superintendent John Flint in front of the board of education.

The W.Va. Governor’s Honors Academy is a three-week-long residential program during which students experience one intense course in an area of their interest and two broad courses outside of their area of interest, according to the Governor’s Schools of West Virginia website.

Students receive these classes free of charge and experience recreational and academic activities as well, the website said. Only incoming high school seniors can attend.

The students experience living in a dormitory of a state university and get a taste of college-style life during the three-week course.

Each county nominates the top male and female academic students to attend the academy. The additional six attendees from Wood County were among 75 chosen based on academic achievement as demonstrated on their applications, the website said.

That Wood County had six students chosen to fill those 75 statewide slots says a lot for education in the county, said Flint.

The program was held at West Virginia University. The program is held at different universities each year.

“These people that you are looking at right now are going to be highly successful in whatever career they choose to take up,” said Flint.

Each student had the opportunity to talk about their future plans for college and careers in the future.