Wood Whispers celebrates 35 years

PARKERSBURG – Wood County Schools is celebrating 35 years of Wood Whispers creative writing magazine.

Students and officials gathered Friday at the Nemesis Shrine in Parkersburg to honor new and past winners. The magazine features student created poetry, essays, short stories, photography and pieces of art.

The 2014 Wood Whispers winners are:

* Cover Design: Amy Willis, Parkersburg South High School, First Place; Mason Snider, Parkersburg High School, Second Place; Madison Anderson, PHS, Third Place; Carleigh LeMasters, Blennerhassett Middle School, Honorable Mention; Jansen Goldsmith, BMS, Honorable Mention.

* Signature Poem: Taylor Wince, Van Devender Middle School, First Place; Kelsey Greene, VMS, Second Place; Jenna Chapman, VMS, Third Place tie; Hailey Bibbee, PSHS, Third Place tie.

* Poetry: High School: Matt Suttles, PHS, First Place; Hailey Bibbee, PSHS, Second Place; Micah Penco, PSHS, Third Place; Tyler Morris, PHS, Honorable Mention. Middle School: Olivia Collett, VMS, First Place; Annie Woofter, VMS, Second Place; Mike Bell, Williamstown High School, Third Place tie; Tyler Cox, Edison Middle School, Third Place tie.

* Short Story: High School: Courtney Stackpole, PHS, First Place; Donna Kincaid and Jordan Taylor, PSHS, Second Place; Danielle Braham, PHS, Third Place tie; Jordan Waters, PHS, Third Place tie. Middle School: Nicole ElChaar, Parkersburg Catholic High School, First Place; Kelsey Greene, VMS, Second Place; Julia Iles, Jackson Middle School, Third Place.

* Essay: High School: Jordan Lallemont, PHS, First Place; Hannah Hill, PHS, Second Place tie; Ashlee Keel, PHS, Second Place tie; Skylar Ray, PHS, Third Place. Middle School: Ashton Melrose, EMS, First Place; Addison Watkins, VMS, Second Place; Nia Fernandes, JMS, Third Place tie; Gillian Thomas, VMS, Third Place tie.

* Photography: High School: Elizabeth Martin, PHS, First Place; Maggie O’Neill, PHS, Second Place; Courtney Stackpole, PHS, Third Place; Emily Ludwig, PHS, Honorable Mention; Taylor George, PSHS, Honorable Mention. Middle School: Macie Westrick, PCHS, First Place; Clay Morris, JMS, Second Place; Isabella Ruble, WHS, Third Place; Seth Dawkins, VMS, Honorable Mention; Maria Tallman, PCHS, Honorable Mention.

* Art: High School: Victoria Harper, PHS, First Place tie; Kristen Rae Hill, PSHS, First Place tie; Emily Bailey, PSHS, Second Place; Joel Larsen, PHS, Third Place; Sarah Pifer, PHS, Honorable Mention. Middle School: Erin Williams, EMS, First Place; Sierra Hoy, JMS, Second Place; Cambria Darby, VMS, Third Place; Sydney Sams, EMS, Honorable Mention; Gillian Anderson, JMS, Honorable Mention.