Hino workers help humane society

WILLIAMSTOWN – Hino Motors Manufacturing USA continues to fulfill its promise of being part of the community after employees organized and held a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

“Occasionally, as a group, we at Hino identify a group, organization or some other entity in the area that has a need we can help support,” said plant manager Steve Stalnaker.

This month, team members at the Williamstown truck manufacturing plant chose to support the Humane Society of Parkersburg through the collection of items before they decided to take the collections a step further and organized a fundraiser.

“In the plant, we have been collecting items, such as dog and cat food, litter, bleach and other items, for the humane society and several of our team members decided to do more,” Stalnaker said.

This something more was a dodgeball tournament in the gymnasium of Williamstown Elementary School, a partner in education with the plant, last Saturday.

About 30 of the Williamstown Hino team members participated in the games, which raised about $200 for the animal shelter.

Funds were raised during the Saturday afternoon event through a participation fee paid by each participant as well as a $2 entrance fee for those who wanted to watch.

Attendees were encouraged to bring items for donation, which included pet food and treats as well as cleaning supplies and other things the shelter needs, instead of money for admission.

“We didn’t raise a lot of money, but every little bit will help the animals the humane society is taking care of,” Stalnaker said.

Volunteers with the shelter attended with several dogs available for adoption.

“I am not sure if any of the dogs were adopted, but I do know one family was interested in one of the dogs, so, hopefully, we were able to give at least one of them a chance at a new and better life,” Stalnaker said.

Doing things to help organizations and groups within the local community is not new to team members with Hino, the plant manager said.

“We are part of the community and have committed to making it a better place to live for everyone,” Stalnaker said. “Our team members often volunteer their time to help others by participating in programs and events throughout the year.”

When officials with the State of West Virginia and Hino Motors Manufacturing, a Japan-based company that is part of the Toyota Motor Corp. family, announced the Williamstown facility in 2007, they stated the plant would be part of the community and do things to help.

In the past, team members have participated in the annual Ohio River Sweep, adopted a highway to keep clean of litter and helped the Williamstown community through building of shelters and other projects.

“By being part of projects and doing fundraisers, we are getting out into the community and showing them Hino is here,” Stalnaker said. “The community gives us a lot and we want to give back in any way we can.”