Art Showcase

MARIETTA – The Adelphia music hall, 203 Second St. in Marietta, will be filled with artwork, theater and music for three days beginning Monday.

The Adelphia Art Show, titled “Up and Doing,” will feature local and regional talent, including artists, theater performers, musicians and songwriters.

The event, Monday through Wednesday, is meant to showcase the various types of talent this area has to offer and get local residents involved in organizations throughout the community, said Abigail Gedon, coordinator of The Adelphia Art Show.

On Monday, The Adelphia will be transformed into an artists gallery, with a meet and greet with local artists. The art will hang in The Adelphia, next to The Galley restaurant, all three days of the exhibit.

On Tuesday, the event will be featuring some of Marietta College’s theater students. They will be performing a series of monologues.

On Wednesday, the show will feature six local bands and soloists performing 45-minute sets, said Gedon, marketing and events coordinator for Galley Enterprises Inc.

The show will last from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. all three days.

“Our mission is to engage the public with art of enduring quality, to facilitate dialogue with diverse audiences, and to collect, preserve and educate for the enrichment of present and future generations,” Gedon said. “We will bring the public regional and local insight, a collaboration of the senses, and a new perspective of things that move and live.”

The schedule follows.

* Monday: Artists displaying their talents, including Emily Walsh, Taylor Stanley, Krystal Linkhorn, River City Tattoos, Richard Decker, Friends of the Lower Muskingum, The Colony Theater, Bobby Rosenstock and more.

* Tuesday: Monologues from Marietta College and Kaylee Johnson.

* Wednesday: Music featuring Matt Colombini at 4 p.m., Athens Songwriter Circle featuring Dallas Craft at 5 p.m., Joelle Loeber at 6 p.m., John A. Walsh at 7 p.m., John Radcliff at 8 p.m. and The Japanzies at 9 p.m.

The charity receiving some of the proceeds from the silent auction, featuring the artists’ artwork for sale, is the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. The Adelphia is partnering with The Colony Theater, Friends of the Lower Muskingum and the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley on this show, Gedon said.

This is the first year for the event, which Gedon hopes to see continue in the future.

For tickets call 740-374-8278 or visit The Galley on Second Street.