Annual cattle sale Saturday

POINT PLEASANT -Local beef producers have an opportunity to improve their beef cattle herds by purchasing a bull or replacement heifer on Saturday at the 32nd annual West Virginia Southern Bull Test Sale at the Jack Crank Farm in Henderson on Old West Virginia 35, 3 miles south of Point Pleasant.

The West Virginia Young Sire and Replacement Heifer Evaluation Program has a line up of bulls and heifers this year.

The sale will begin 11 a.m. with 42 performance-tested heifers. The 73 performance test bulls will sell at 1 p.m.

Bulls and heifers will be available for inspection at the farm prior to the sale. The sale order and catalog, test reports for the bulls, ultrasound data and consignor information are available at

All of the bulls are performance tested and have passed a breeding soundness exam. The bulls are also scored for structural correctness, muscling, and have ultrasound data available for backfat, ribeye and marbling.

Angus and Polled Hereford bulls will be offered in the sale with Angus cross and purebred Angus heifers.

“Buying a bull at the Southern Bull Test is money well spent” said J.J. Barrett, West Virginia agriculture extension agent. “The bulls are good quality, performance tested and given a Breeding Soundness Exam. Most producers are very satisfied with animals they have purchased here. This a great opportunity for beef producers to improve the genetics in their herd to improve performance.”

Beef cattle production continues to be the biggest income generator for farmers in West Virginia, including Wood County.

The Southern Bull Test provides genetically superior, proven bulls to beef farmers in West Virginia. The Program was established to expand West Virginia’s progressive efforts in beef cattle performance evaluation.

Originally located in Greenbrier and Monroe counties, the program later moved to the Jack Crank Farm in Henderson. The Southern Bull Test Program is a collaboration of the West Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, West Virginia Department of Agriculture, WVU Extension Service and WVU Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences.

Education is an essential component at the Southern Bull Test. Extension Agents have the opportunity to emphasize the importance of breeding soundness exams, Estimated Progeny Differences, ultrasound data, carcass data and selection indexes. The Southern Bull Test has served as a teaching laboratory, allowing producers the opportunity to observe and utilize these tools.

WVU Extension Service strives to continue to be the provider of information to beef cattle producers in West Virginia.

The Southern Bull Test develops and evaluates more than 120 bulls and 105 heifers annually for some of West Virginia and Ohio’s most progressive seed stock breeders. The program is a leader in beef cattle performance evaluation and helps make West Virginia the largest performance evaluation state in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Bulls fail to qualify for the sale if they do not meet minimum qualifications for disposition, structure, muscling, gain, fertility and overall performance. Replacement heifers not meeting minimum weight requirements, health qualifications or breeding soundness exams are not sold.

Sixty-seven percent of the bulls and replacement heifers evaluated will sell.

As a part of the West Virginia Bull Evaluation Program, the Point Pleasant Test Station provides seed stock and commercial producers with the tools to build a stronger beef industry.

For more information, call J.J. Barrett, WVU Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Wood County at (304) 424-1960 or