Spurlock casts tweens for TV doc project

NEW YORK – Parkersburg native Morgan Spurlock (“One Direction: This is Us” and “Supersize Me”) and a children’s cable network are casting a documentary project about middle school students who feel like they “just don’t fit in.”

The documentary is looking for suburban students in the continental U.S. between the ages of 10-13. If a child is selected to participate, Spurlock’s production company, Warrior Poets, would film with your child for approximately three days in January and February.

“We’d love to feature some Parkersburg kids! It will be a documentary series just for kids,” Claresa Mandola, casting director at Warrior Poets, wrote in an email.

“It would be great to film this in Morgan’s hometown” (of Parkersburg), Mandola said.

Do you have a tween that walks to the beat of her own drum and is often misunderstood by her peers? Do classmates poke fun at your child for being one of the bigger students in his class, even though he’s a healthy and happy kid?

Is your child incredibly intelligent or creative but just doesn’t fit in with other kids her own age? Is your tween a recent immigrant struggling to navigate American culture without abandoning his native culture?

If you feel your tween child has an interesting story to tell and would be comfortable sharing it, then Warrior Poets wants to hear from you, Mandola said.

This series will take an inside look at the lives of tweens in America. “We are giving a select few kids the unique opportunity to share their stories with the world and to inspire other kids by showing them that they’re not alone as they navigate these exciting but sometimes awkward years,” a press release states.

To tell the production company more about your unique child, visit the website for instructions on making a home video application: www.wpcasting.net. Or if you have questions, email Warrior Poets at wpcasting@warrior-poets.com.

Information on Spurlock and his company can be found at: morganspurlock.com, warrior-poets.com

Spurlock, who was born in Parkersburg and lived in Beckley, is a New York City-based writer, director and producer. His first film, “Super Size Me,” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004, winning Best Directing honors.

The film went on to win the inaugural Writers Guild of America best documentary screenplay award as well as garner an Academy Award nomination for best feature documentary. Since then he has directed, produced and distributed multiple film and TV projects, including the critically acclaimed FX television series, “30 Days,” and the films “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?”, “Confessions of a Superhero,” “Czech Dream,” “Chalk,” “The Future of Food,” and “What Would Jesus Buy?”

Spurlock is working on the series Inside Man for CNN, as well as This Is Us, a 3D documentary following the musical group One Direction, which opened last summer.