Schrader brings show to Japan base

NEW YORK CITY – Belpre native Tamara Schrader has been busy preparing for one of the biggest shows she has produced.

Schrader will be presenting “Tinseltown Spectacular…From New York to Okinawa” next Thursday and Friday for U.S. servicemen and their families at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. Kadena Air Force base is described as the hub of U.S. air power in the Pacific, housing the 18th Wing and associated units.

Schrader, who lives in New York City, has written, cast, choreographed, worked on props, sound, lighting and costumes for the 1.5-hour shows. The group will perform four shows during the week and participate in a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the military base.

The show will be similar to the Broadway revues Schrader has been involved in with a Christmas twist. She also described it as an old-time variety show and a performance reminiscent of a Radio City Music Hall show.

Schrader said she is taking 20 talented performers “the best of New York” to perform in the holiday show. Singers, dancers and a ballerina will be in the show.

The uptempo show will include high-precision dancers dancing Rockette style, she said.

Velma Schrader, owner and director of the Schrader Youth Ballet Co. in Parkersburg, has helped her daughter put together the Japan show. Tamara has sent her mother videos of the rehearsals to review.

Melinda Roush from Schrader Youth Ballet has helped with the costumes for the performances.

Velma said she is excited her daughter is getting the opportunity to produce a show at the Air Force base and that she can help with the production.

Tamara Schrader has been dancing since she was a child and has spent many years in New York City producing events and choreographing shows.

“This is one of my biggest shows to produce, but I’ve had a lot here (New York) and around the country that I’ve loved,” Schrader said.

Schrader said she has worked on a show in Tokyo and another in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Okinawa is just really special because it’s for our military Air Force troops and their families,” Schrader said.

Schrader’s uncle, Paul Bunch Jr., once was stationed at Kadena Air Base, a 17-hour flight from New York City.