Deadline for poster design approaching

PARKERSBURG – The deadline is Dec. 13 for students in primary and secondary schools to design a poster for the 25th annual River Sweep 2014 sponsored by the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission.

Posters should be mailed to 5735 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati OH 45230.

For further information about the River Sweep Poster Contest, or for complete contest rules and regulations, contact Lisa Cochran at 1-800-359-3977, or visit the Commission’s website at

The commission is an interstate agency representing Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Fifteen prizes will be awarded.

The grand prize is $500 and the school representing the grand prize winner will also receive an award. The student with the winning design for the official River Sweep T-shirt will receive $500.

Thirteen $50 prizes will be awarded to one winner at each grade level.

The poster contest is open to students living in or attending schools in counties bordering the Ohio River, or counties participating in the River Sweep in counties along the Ohio River in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

The 25th annual River Sweep will be held June 21. River Sweep is a one-day cleanup project for the Ohio River and its tributaries. The Sweep covers nearly 3,000 miles of shoreline from Pittsburgh, PA, to Cairo, IL, and averages more than 18,000 volunteers a year. Trash collected during the Sweep has included cars, tires, furniture, toys, a piano, and a variety of other items. All trash collected is either recycled or placed in approved landfills.

The River Sweep is held to create an awareness of water quality problems caused by litter and illegal dumping. The poster contest, held in conjunction with River Sweep, is one way to spread the word about litter prevention. Posters submitted for the contest should reflect this goal and focus on encouraging volunteer participation. All entries must be postmarked by December 13, 2013.

ORSANCO is the water pollution control agency for the Ohio River and its tributaries. Other agencies participating in the River Sweep include Illinois EPA, Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Kentucky River Authority, and West Virginia Make It Shine Program. Voluntary contributions from industries provide major funding for the Sweep.