Author seeks input on play

PARKERSBURG – Dave Prather sought the advice of friends in developing a play he is writing.

He asked for opinions on a title and story lines.

Now, Prather is seeking suggestions from the general public on his play “Fercockta,” a Yiddish word meaning “completely messed up,” at the Actors Guild of Parkersburg theater at 7 p.m. Friday.

At the public workshop/reading of the play at the Actors Guild the readers will sit on the apron of the stage and bring the characters to life with scripts in hand.

This is not a full production, said Prather, who has directed and acted in performances at the Actors Guild. He has been cast as Hall of Fame football player Paul Hornung in the upcoming Guild production of “Lombardi.”

Friday’s readers theater is a way for the public to experience part of the process of getting a play produced, Prather said.

“The author, me, invites the public to offer their insight and opinions so that the script can be fine-tuned before that ultimate next step: staging,” he said.

The free event will discuss a play that has adult subject matter and language, Prather, 46, of Parkersburg said.

A general description of the play follows:

It is July Fourth and Darius has brought his lover Barry to the family cookout, just as he has for the past eight years. But the family doesn’t know that they are lovers, until Barry outs Darius to his sister.

This is a story told again and again; however, this time there are two imaginary characters who are outrageous examples of the psyche that find unexpected ways to bring Darius too close to his father, his mother, and even his lover, Prather said. Then, when you throw in a religious sister and a traditional grandmother, you might as well call it a free-for-all, Prather said.

Prather is a member of the Actors Guild’s play reading committee.