Movie night coming to Mountwood Park

PARKERSBURG – Mountwood Park is experiencing growth and will offer the park’s first movie night on Aug. 3, park officials said.

The park will host a drive-in style movie night at 9 p.m. Aug. 3 for $5. The price will allow for a drink, popcorn and family friendly movie.

The concession stand at the marina will be open during the event.

The park board has discussed the options behind the ATV Park and heard from Dominion Hope about a deal to work with the park to allow for use of the ATV Park on property owned by the gas company.

“We have gotten a lot of calls and are excited about the opportunity,” said board president Bob Buchanan. “The committee on (the ATV Park) has been working diligently to bring that type of activity to the area.”

Park officials are looking at upcoming activities and ways of improving the visitor experience.

Volcano Days is set for Sept. 27-29 and will see plans for improvements, Buchanan said. The festival will offer more entertainment as well as more parking.

The lot across from the lake, usually allotted for the car show, will be used for parking, officials said.

On Sept. 27, entertainment will be provided by the South of the River Band from Parkersburg. Officials said the musical groups will be different this year and should cater to a wider audience.

Buchanan said more tractors will be available to shuttle people and the process should be easier and faster this year.

“We’re trying to minimize the strain of parking and shuttle people along faster,” he said.

Park officials are excited about the park’s schedule this past year and attribute a lot of the efforts to the new park director, Jeremy Cross.

“The park is just really booked this year,” Buchanan said. “Jeremy and the way the infrastructure of the park is, it’s just improving.”

The road to the campground will see a facelift. Board members decided to pave the roadway to the campground to allow for the easier passage of larger campers.