Farmers Market expanding to Saturdays

PARKERSBURG – City officials will pilot a Saturday Farmers Market for seven weeks, testing the reaction from vendors and customers alike.

Mayor Bob Newell announced Friday the new Saturday market would run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday from June 15-July27.

“We have about a dozen vendors that are interested in establishing a Saturday market,” he said. “For now we will keep it where the regular market is” at Bicentennial Park in downtown Parkersburg.

Newell said the city has avoided a weekend market in years past because both Marietta and Athens in Ohio have well-established Saturday markets. Most vendors interested in weekend hours already were involved with one of those two markets.

“Over time we’ve picked up some vendors that aren’t tied to those two markets,” Newell said. “This year is really the first year we’ve had a lot of interest from vendors.”

Newell said customers surveys also indicated some area residents would be open to a Saturday market.

“They’ve said they can’t make it during regular week hours because of work, or they had issues with parking which won’t be a problem on Saturdays,” he said.

Newell said not all of the features of the regular market will be available on Saturdays, such as cooking demonstrations and live music, but if things go well those features could be added in to the weekend hours.

“We are going to experiment with this and see what happens,” he said.