Area organizations seek $100K in funding

PARKERSBURG – Area nonprofits and community organizations have requested in excess of $100,000 in funding from the Wood County Commission.

Commissioners are in the process of trying to get concrete ending balance numbers so they know how much money they might have available to meet the requests.

Among the requests is one from the city of North Hills seeking $20,000 for development of a recreational area to include a hiking/biking/running trail to be open to the public.

Meeting with the commission Monday, North Hills Mayor William Summers said the city has purchased property from the North Hills Swimming and Racquet Club, which is a separate entity, for $20,000 for acreage on the north side of Pond Run.

“We’ve developed a plan. Now we are looking for $20,000 from the Wood County Commission for financial assistance. We would use this money for construction, bulldozing, removal of old playground equipment, removal of dilapidated bridges, installation of two new bridges, improving drainage. This land has deteriorated. There would be gravel along the trail path and removal of some trees is needed; work that volunteers could not do,” Summers said.

“The plan is development of a complete recreation area, walking/running/biking trail, recovery of a ball/soccer field, installation of modern playground equipment and a fixed archery range, which would all be open to the public,” Summers said.

“This project is shovel-ready, unlike many of the requests we usually get,” Commissioner Blair Couch said. “So they are reclaiming abandoned property and creating additional recreational opportunities for the county.”

“It sounds like a great project. It may be a little difficult for the public to understand they can use the facilities,” commission President Wayne Dunn said.

Other requests for funds include: the Oil, Gas and Industrial Historical Society, which is asking for $20,000 for Henderson Hall to help with preservation and master plan projects at the hall; River Cities Symphony Orchestra asked for $2,000 to help cover expenses for 2013-2014 season.

Mineral Wells Baseball & Softball Association requested help to fund expansion and improvement of facilities, no exact amount of money was included in the written request. The Civil Air Patrol is asking for money to help with repairs and maintenance at its facilities including plumbing and roof work for a total of $3,300.

The Gene Donaway Jazz Festival in Vienna requested $2,000. The Friends of Mountwood Park requested $2,000.

The West Virginia Interstate Fair and Exposition earlier requested $31,000 to help offset losses from last year’s event.

Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford requested $5,000 for help with resurfacing of tennis courts.

There is a request for funding consideration from the Family Crisis Intervention Center, which provides a shelter for domestic violence victims and their families, the written request does not include a specific funding request.

The House to Home, Parkersburg Area Coalition for the Homeless asked for $5,000.

West Virginia University Extension Service earlier requested $3,000 for salary increases, the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport asked for $50,000. Parkersburg Homecoming requested $10,000; the Little Kanawha Resource Conservation Development District requested $3,000; Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home requested $5,000. The Volunteer Action Center asked for 211 project, $22,500.