Facebook page helps boost nonprofits

PARKERSBURG – Area nonprofits now have another resource in publicizing their fundraisers, fairs and festivals.

A new Facebook page was unveiled last week at www.facebook.com/nonprofitslead, which includes a regional community calendar of events as well as a one-click link to join the regional listserve. The new page was created and is maintained by Nonprofit LEAD (Learn, Empower, Advocate, Develop Capacity) at Marietta College.

“The feedback from the community has been consistent and positive. We want to support one another, whether we are from the nonprofit, business or government sectors. But we don’t always know what everyone is doing within and between the sectors. The calendar is a small, simple way to create a communication channel to develop more cohesion and increase the potential for collaboration,” said Heather Eichner, program manager for LEAD.

Eichner said the group will also be posting upcoming workshops and other events as well as resources and other information for nonprofits on the page.

“The idea for the community calendar came from the nonprofits in the Mid-Ohio Valley. The calendar we are using right now is a simple app that anyone can add to a Facebook Page,” Eichner said. “Although the idea was specific to the nonprofit sector, we realize how important it is to collaborate between all the sectors and share information about events in our community. Knowing what’s happening in the community allows us to support one another and look for collaboration opportunities. Anyone with an event, fundraiser, etc. can message the Nonprofits LEAD page and we will put the information on the calendar. It’s also a great tool to reference before setting a date for an event,” Eichner said.

“The Facebook page can be liked by anyone on Facebook, but it specifically caters to nonprofit organizations, grassroots movements and community-based groups,” she said.

According Eichner, more than a dozen messages concerning events, both nonprofit organizations and other community groups have been received so far and the calendar is only a few days old.

Eichner said the calendar on the Facebook Page is just the beginning; the group is working with Marietta College to create a website for the program.

“We hope the website will act as a hub of resources information, contacts, events and other useful items for nonprofit organizations specifically, but also for grassroots movements and community groups and members,” she said.